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Mentoring workshop at Ootacamund on 8th & 9th December 2017


Dear Sir & R.W.Bro / V.W.Bro / W.Bro,

Sub: Mentoring workshop at Ootacamund on 8th & 9th December 2017.

We are pleased to announce our first mentoring workshop for both Craft & Royal Arch Masonry for all members of Craft and Royal Arch on 8th & 9th December 2017, hosted by Lodge Faith Hope & Charity at Ootacamund. All Masons and Companions are eligible to attend.

The subjects dealt on these days will be as follows:

  • What is Freemasonry
  • To brainstorm and implement the new mentoring guidelines from UGLE
  • Discuss SWOT analysis use cases from selected lodges
  • Preparing for the East - training for incoming worshipful masters
  • Short presentation by a few young WMs - Inspiring transformation stories
  • Understand the importance of charity
  • Lodge of instruction - Craft & HRA ritual working

The Programme schedule is as follows:

08.12.17 – Friday

4.00 pm onwards Mentoring meeting at Lodge Premises.
6.30 pm Chapter Excelsior Convocation with Exaltation Ceremony.
8.30 pm Festive Board & Dinner

09.12.17 – Saturday

10.00 am onwards Lodge Faith Hope & Charity meeting with either Initiation or Raising Ceremony.
1.00 pm Festive Board & Lunch.
6.00 pm Lodge Faith Hope & Charity – Christmas dinner with family members.

The fee for all the events, dinners & lunch per Brother is Rs.4000/- for those attending only Friday dinner and Saturday lunch will be Rs.2500/-.

Accommodation is to be arranged by you.

If you need any clarification please contact any of the below mentioned brethren.

  • W Bro Duleep Sahadevan 98470 05656
  • W Bro Narayanan Kutty 80724 22040
  • W Bro Sunil Koliyot 98400 55280
  • W Bro Sukesh Menon 98400 64160
  • W Bro Theo Devagnanam III 98434 11200
  • W Bro Krishnaraj Thamanan 97919 06507

You may contact Bro Krishnaraj if you need accommodation assistance.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

District Grand Secretary


Postage Stamps on Tercentenary of UGLE by The Isle of Mann


The Provincial Grand master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of The Isle of Mann has been able to get their postal department to issue six postage stamps commemorating the Tercentenary of the UGLE. The stamps carry the jewels of Lodge Officers and other Masonic emblems. Attached is the photo of the first day cover.

The Provincial Grand master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of The Isle of Mann



Grand Ranks – 2017


We are happy announce that the M.W. Grand Master has been pleased to promote and confer the following ranks on the designated Brethren – at the Investiture Meeting held on 26th April 2017.

W.Bro.Kirit Morzaria, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro.W.C.Thomas, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro.Dr.J.W.P.Campbell, Junior Grand Deacon

Also that the M.E.Comp. First Grand Principal has been pleased to promote and confer the following rank on the designated Companion – at the Investiture Convocation held on 27th April 2017.

E.Comp.W.C.Thomas, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies




08th Feb 2016

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, Lodge Mentor & Lodge Information Officer

The Installation Meeting of our Lodge was held on the 8th February 2017 wherein W. Bro. T.M. Krishn Dev was installed as the 152nd Master of our Lodge. He had held this office earlier in 2004. This was of the very few occasions when we had the Installation Meeting before the DGL Investiture Meeting; for normally the Installation always follows the DGL Meeting.

After Tea at 5: 00 p.m., the group photograph was taken at 5: 30p.m.; the Meeting started at the stated hour of 6:00 p.m. in the august presence of RW Bro. T.A. Devagnanam, RW The District Grand Master of Madras. The Inspection of files was done two days earlier by W. Bro. Narayana Kutty PDG Chaplain. In the absence of the DGDoC, W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW was the Acting DG DoC. The Meting went off well with clock-work precision as usual.

Thereafter a 1 hour period of fellowship was followed by a sumptuous sit-down dinner with Brethren departing in joy and harmony at 11:00 p.m. Both during the Fellowship and at dinner we had the Bag- pipers from the Military Band playing on their bag-pipes for nearly 30 minutes.

The total attendees were 38 with many visitors from Lodge of Faith Hope and Charity No. 1285 EC and across the hills in Ootacamund; we also had 7 Brethren of the Indian Constitution, Lodge Ooty, attending the Meeting.

A few photographs are attached for your viewing pleasure.

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The 90th birthday celebrations of W. Bro. K.K.S. Nambiar, PDGSwd

4th June 2016

The 90th birthday celebrations of W. Bro. K.K.S. Nambiar, PDGSwd. Br, were held at the lodge premises to coincide with the 1500th regular meeting on Saturday the 4th of June, 2016. He Joined Kerala Lodge in 1977 and was the Worshipful Master in the year 1985.

There was also a lecture by M.S. Duleep, District Lodge Mentor on “300 years of English Craft Freemasonry”.

The occasion and meeting were graced and blessed by the presence of W.M. and brethren of Lodge Saxena.




Grand Ranks – 2016


We are happy announce that the M.W. Grand Master has been pleased to promote and confer the following ranks on the designated Brethren – at the Investiture Meeting held on 27th April 2016.

W.Bro.D.Rajasekaran, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro.Dr.R.Arunagiri, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro.A.I.Kurian, Past Junior Grand Deacon

Also that the M.E.Comp. First Grand Principal has been pleased to confer the following ranks on the designated Companions – at the Investiture Convocation held on 28th April 2016.

E.Comp. D.Rajasekaran, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies
E.Comp. Dr.R.Arunagiri, Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies



Report on Charity


Following heavy rains, the City of Chennai experienced its worst natural calamity in over a century, in the first week of December 2015. There was continuous rain for several days which caused extensive flooding in many parts of the City. While the State made considerable efforts to relieve those affected by floods there were also thousands of volunteers who stepped up to help those in need by providing food, water, medical help and by relocating the stranded... Click to view more



Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC Wellington - Report On Sesquicentennial Celebration

2nd April 2016

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, Lodge Mentor & Lodge Information Officer

The story began in 1866 and we are still going strong………
Consecrated 15th September 1865
Constituted 24th February 1866

The Brethren of Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC had the unique and signal privilege of celebrating the Sesquicentennial Celebration on the 2nd April 2016 at an Emergency Meeting held at the Lodge. This was in the august presence of The RW The District Grand Master of Madras, RW Bro. T.A. Devagnanam accompanied for protocol purposes by W. Bro. Sunil Koliyot, DGDoC. There were three other Officers of Grand Ranks also present to add Masonic splendour to the celebration.

After a fair degree of renovation was done to the premises, the Lodge sported a ‘new’ look’. The verdant surroundings was just the right setting for such a celebration. Tea at 5:00 p.m. was followed by a group photograph in Masonic Regalia at 5:30 p.m. Then the Meeting was conducted within the Lodge when we had 12 visitors, apart from many current and Past District Grand Officers. The presence of these Brethren gave the needed encouragement too. At the Emergency Meeting at 6:30 p.m., a special Sesquicentennial Prayer was offered after which the History of the Lodge from the date of inception to date was prepared and read by W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash. This was then presented to the RW The DGM as a scroll for the District Grand Lodge archives. The meeting concluded at 7:30 p.m. Following this, the plaque with the History of the Lodge was unveiled by The RW The District Grand Master. The Obligatory Toasts were then gone through. This was followed by a time of Fellowship under the verdant, starry and blue and nippy sky and an indoor buffet dinner. (The customary sit-down dinner was not possible due to want of space to accommodate the large number of Brethren.) We had for this Fellowship and dinner invited some of the family members and Brethren who had been a part of us in the early years and who had left us for their personal reasons. During the time of Fellowship, we had two bagpiper in attendance, with their kilt and other paraphernalia, to present a series of music for about 30 minutes. The whole sesquicentennial celebration came to a satisfying end at about 11:00 p.m.

On Sunday, we had a Fellowship lunch at the Coonoor Club with the visitors and the family members of the Host Lodge. This was indeed a day to remember.

To end this brief report, I conclude with this little poem by Emily Dickinson which runs thus……

The Mountain sat upon the Plain
In his tremendous Chair -
His observation omnifold,
His inquest, everywhere -

The Seasons played around his knees
Like Children round a sire -
Grandfather of the Days is He
Of Dawn, the Ancestor -

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A brief on the Ladies Night held in our lodge


From the Desk of Lodge Information Officer ( Col RN Balagopal )

St John's Lodge 434 EC

A brief on the Ladies Night held in our lodge.

28 Oct'15 was our usual day for Regular Meeting for Brethren of St John's Lodge 434 EC. It was decided to hold the Ladies Night after the meeting. The families in attendance is an annual feature of our lodge year in and year out. It was an excellent gathering with more than 30 attending with their families and their children .

W Bro SS Ahmed had organised a Ventriloquist cum Magician ( Mr Uday Bhaskar ) to entertain the gathering . He kept the audience spellbound with his expertise. It was something unique for the children and they enjoyed the evening thoroughly .

Thereafter a game of Tambola was anchored by W Bro SS Ahmed.

A pleasant evening of business and pleasure with lots of fun,gaiety,games and sumptuous food.

At the end of it Brethren bid adieu by 2300 hrs.


Col RN Balagopal

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All Worshipful Masters / Secretaries / Mentors / Charity Stewards


Dear Brethren,

The following events are scheduled at the Annual Investiture meeting to be held Trivandrum on 12th & 13th February 2016 at Lodge Minchin, Freemasons’ Hall, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum for which your punctual attendance are required. All Master Masons are welcome and please inform your brethren that they can attend.

12th February 2016 (Friday)

1. 11.00 am to 12.00 noon - Mentors Meeting

2. 12.00 noon to 12.30 p.m. - Lodge Charity Stewards with Worshipful Master

Kindly make it convenient to attend.

Warm regards,

Yours sincerely and fraternally,


District Grand Secretary



Bag-piper during the Regular Meeting - Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC, Wellington

19th Oct 2015

In our Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC, Wellignton, first we have the labour, followed by refreshment which consists of felloship and always a sit-down-dinner with the usual obligatory Toasts . The Regular Meeting in October 2015 was a little different conceived by a young Brother (Lt. Col) Vinodh Basker. He organised that a lone bag-piper with kilt and all the paraphernalia will be in attendance during two events- the first was at the ‘Toast to the Absent Brethren’ which we have at the hour of 9.00 p.m.. As the names were being read,the bag-piper started to play some solemn music. After this as soon as we were seated and soup was served, the bag-piper went around the dinner table thrice (thrice-I don’t know what the significance is) and played suitable music. Finally he stopped at the WM Chair and was lustily applauded by all present. Thereafter according to ancient military custom, a stiff drink of rum was offered to the bag-piper on a tray by the WM, which the bag-piper dutifully downed literally ‘bottoms-up’ in one gulp, saluted the WM and left marching out of the dining area in true Military style.

This was an evening to remember and which we will always recall whenever we see a bag-piper anywhere.

Incidentally during the “fellowship” it was ‘100 Pipers’ all the way- sheer coincidence !!

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakasah PDGSW, DG Charity Steward.

Lodge information Office

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Medical Camp

20th Sept 2015

St John's Lodge 434 EC --From the Desk of Lodge Information Officer

Fraternal Greetings,

A medical cum dental camp was organised by the St John's Lodge 434 EC in association with Army College of Dental Sciences Secunderabad and Lions Club Secunderabad on Sunday 20 September 2015 from 0900 h to 1400 h in Lodge premises. It was attended by brethren from most Lodges in twin cities.

A total of 60 patients were attended to and adequately administered by the team of doctors.

The registration counter was anchored by Wor Bro P Mohan and the members of our Lodge and Lions Club. Bro Swaminathan organised for the photographer. Bro Navneet Pittie , Bro Nihal Kovalli and Dr P Rajeev ( Lodge Doctor ) were present from early morning and over saw all the arrangements and assisted in the smooth proceedings of the day.

A special thanks to all the Ladies for coming out in strength for this noble cause. You have set a new benchmark for all of us.

We thank all the participants for their generous time and contribution to make this event happen.

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Supply of Diapers at Shishu Vihaar

May 2015

St John's Lodge Charity Event (Supply of Diapers at Shishu Vihaar) in May 2015

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Wellington Report On Installation Meeting 2015

21st Feb 2015

W. Bro.(Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, DG Charity Steward and Lodge Information Officer

Every February we have the Installation Meeting of our Lodge to hand over the reins of the Lodge to a new Master; this year we had the privilege of installing Bro. Prasanth R. Menon as the New Master; he is the grand-son of an illustrious Past Master Late W. Bro. Aravindaksha Menon and the ‘brother-son’ of W. Bro. Raman Menon.

On the 21st February 2015, Bro. Prasanth R. Menon was installed as the Worshipful Master of our Lodge at an impressive Ceremony graced by the RW The DGM, RW Bro. T.A. Devagnanam. His presence did inspire us, as he has always done, by his kindly words and his encouragement. He was accompanied by W. Bro. Sunil Koliyot, DG DoC, this being his first assignment outside of Chennai after taking over this challenging Office as DG DoC. He did the inspection all books, registers and files at 11.00 a.m. after which he joined a few of us for lunch.

The Pre-Meeting Photograph was at 5.00 p.m. followed by Tea and the Meeting started at the hour of 6.00 p.m. The Ceremony was gone through with the usual perfection following which we had a 45 minute time of Fellowship followed by a sit-down banquet as is the usual custom in our Lodge. This is despite that our caretaker of 15 years passed away 3 weeks ago. We had 5 Visiting Brethren, 1 unattached Brother leading to a grand total of 35.

With the proceeding being over, the Brethren departed in ‘perfect peace, harmony and mirth’ at 10.45 p.m.

This was an evening to remember.

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Achievement of Bro Sunil Shivdas of the Anchor of Hope Lodge

28 Jan 2015

Indian Dressage Team Claims First Fame at 2014 Asian Games

2014 Asian Games

Dressage in India has come a long way. This rising dressage nation finished sixth at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon (KOR) on 18 - 21 September 2014 where it gained its first international recognition as a developing dressage country. India's 3* judge Sunil Shivdas and the Indian team riders all consider this result very encouraging, particularly as it raises awareness for the country's potential as a dressage nation.

The stars on the Indian dressage firmament are Nadia Haridass, Vanita Malhotra, and Shubhsri Rajendra, spearheaded by national champion and the Asian Games highest ranked Indian Shruti Vora. India has only been a member of the FEI since 1971 and dressage has been considered the ugly duckling discipline due to its lack of adrenaline.

Indian Judges, a two man show

Trainer Jan Bemelmans chatting with Sunil Shivdas
at the 2014 CDI Kapellen

Indian FEI 3* Judge Colonel Sunil Shivdas was not present at the Asian Games, but as a judge for India he is now in a position to pay it forward in a sport that has already given him so much.

"It gives me great pleasure imparting the knowledge I have to our riders, trainers and judges. I have taken a number of clinics so far and have judged extensively in South East Asia. The biggest challenge I now face is to get Grand Prix competitions to judge since they are few and far between in this region."

With only one other dressage judge from India, Col Dushyant Bali (FEI 2*) Sunil says it was indeed quite difficult to become a judge given his nationality.

“In 2007 I embarked on my journey to become an FEI dressage judge. I had to spend a lot of time in Europe to do my sit-ins and shadow judging. In 2010 when I had met all the criteria to attend the exam for promotion to FEI Candidate judges, the FEI changed the criteria. Furthermore no exams were held in 2010. The new criteria was different for countries like India that did not have Grand Prix. So I had to begin qualifying all over again. In June 2011, at Gangeung, S Korea, I got my FEI 2* status. Now I was helped extensively by the FEI under the exchange programme for FEI officials. There are a number of senior judges who have helped me reach where I am but if I have to name a single person it would certainly be Mariette Withages who motivated me and steadfastly supported me all along.”

Hoping to get his 4* status by 2017, as a serving Army officer of the 61st Cavalry, Colonel Sunil plans to judge as much as his military duties permit him.

“On the home front a new series of dressage competitions called the 'Indian Dressage League' have been introduced, based on the FEI World Challenge format, judged by a single FEI dressage judge," said Shivdas. "This has served to bring back the focus onto dressage at all levels, and I feel that dressage In India has come a long way and its future is very promising.”

- by Sarah Warne for Eurodressage - Photos © Horse Move Thailand - Astrid Appels



Asia Oceanic DGM’S Conference

Oct 2014

Our Dist Grand Master RW Bro Theo Devagnanam attended the Asia Oceanic DGM’S conference and the Charity Walk in Hong Kong in Oct 2014.


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By W Bro George Jayaprakash
Lodge Information officer of Lodge Anchor of Hope
No. 1093 EC Wellington

2nd Aug 2014

The Installation Meeting of Chapter Benson No. 1093 EC, Wellington was held on the 1st August 2014. We were privileged to have the august presence of E. Comp. T.A. Devagnanam, PAG Soj and the MEGS of the District Grand Chapter of Madras. The Inspecting officer was E. Comp. Narayanakutty who is from across the Hills in Ooty.

The Inspection of books, files and registers were done at 5.30 p.m. and the Convocation started on dot at 6.30 p.m. The installation Convocation was brief since the Three Principals were re-elected to occupy the respective Chairs once again.

As is always the case here in Wellington, the Fellowship and the Festive Board which followed, was excellent with the camaraderie and Brotherly relationship at its best.

A good shower just as we started the Convocation was welcome since we in Coonoor have been starved of water for a long long time. The rains added to the mystical nature of the evening.

A few photographs are attached for your immediate reference.

E. Comp. (Dr) George Jayaprakash PG Std Br., D II Gr. Pr.
Lodge information officer


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St George School & Orphanage Boarding

* click the image to view it larger

Attached Pics are from St George School Dorm taken on 14th June where courtesy DGL they have installed Four Fans.

Boys in Pic with One of the Four Fans- from L to R - Cyril,John and Godwin.They showed me around their Dorm.

In Total there are 13 boys and 11 girls now -Mainly Single parents - all Anglo Indians .Age group from 6 to 15-16.

Yesterday was John's Birthday !! So he got a Surprise Gift - Box of Cadbury chocs from the Masons !! Was quite thrilled.

Keeping them entertained is a real problem for the Wardens !! They wanted some of the Old Classics - Bible, My Fair Lady ,To Sir with Love, etc so that Once in a way they can have a Movie evening !

Wonder if Brethren have copies of these which they can spare ?? Will also look around Stores for them also.



District Grand Lodge of Madras proudly announces the new appointments and promotions by United Grand Lodge of England / Supreme Grand Chapter of England for the year 2014. We take this opportunity to congratulate the Brethren / Companions.

CRAFT- First Rank
W.Bro.S.Ponnaiya – Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro.V.J.Bharath – Past Junior Grand Deacon

CHAPTER- First Rank
E.Comp.Abdul Jifri - Past Grand Standard Bearer
E.Comp.S.Ponnaiya - Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies



Chapter John Miller celebrated their 50 years on 4th March 2014 in the August presence of the ME The Grand Suprintandant

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Visit to Malaysia by Dy DGM

V.W.Bro. S. Sampath, Dy. DGM attended the Asia – Oceanic Conference of all districts in the region representing the RW-DGM at Kaula Laumpur “Read Masonic Temple” from 5th Dec. to 8th Dec. 2013 which was addressed by the Dy. Grand Master RW.Bro. Jonathan Spence & Grand Secretary V. Bro. Nigel Brown.

Details of the programme & a brief are given for the information of the brethren.

1. Inauguration of “Asia Oceanic Conference” (6th Dec) by Dy. Grand Master RW. Bro. Jonathan Spece

The Dy. Grand Master mentioned the importance of DGM’s meeting in this part of the Globe (New Zealand could not be present). All the DGM’s spoke about the various issues in their districts. Percy Driver, DGM-Bombay mentioned about the property matters being an issue in India. Cordial Relationship with the Scotting, Irish constitution was expressed by one & all.

This was followed by a plenary session addressed by all the DGM’s. Subsequently topics on the origins of Free masonry, Mentoring, Masonic Rituals, W. Bro. Lister Park from UGLE spoke on UGLE secretariat, Grand Charity matters on how they work were detailed.

2. Consecration of “Stewards Lodge” in KL under – E.A. District (7th Dec):

This was an excellent function of the consecration of a lodge the procedure meticulously followed chaired by DGM E.A. Dr. Poh Hong. Of course the Grand Lodge was opened by the Dy. Grand Master.

3. Dy. Grand Master Meeting :

Just before the lunch all DGM’s of the region had a discussion in the presence of Dy. Grand Master regarding the issues in the District which was very interesting & the Grand Secretary was present. We could get an idea of various issues in the Districts.

The Dy. Grand Master thanked one and all and said all must meet every year at different places. The next meeting is likely to be in Bombay in 2014 end.

A formal banquet in the evening was excellent with good service all in their new temple which can take about 500 masons for a meeting in the Hall.

Preparations for the Tercentenary of the Craft in 2017 with yearlong celebration in various districts was proposed after the formal UGLE celebrations in Oct 2017.

Kind regards,

S. Sampath,
Dy. DGM.


Rededication of Koder Hall

Koder Hall, the meeting place for Lodge Cochin 4359 E.C., which was closed down for renovation was rededicated in a solemn ceremony held at 7 pm on 17.01.2014. While the Hall was under renovation, the brethren of the Lodge were having their meetings in Lodge Sarvothama G.L.I., with due sanction and approval from the District Grand Lodge.

In a ceremony befitting the occasion and well attended by brethren of the Lodge and their wives, Right Worshipful Brother T.A. Devagnanam, the Right Worshipful District Grand Master of District Grand Lodge, Madras, rededicated the renovated Hall in the presence of Right Worshipful Brother K.R.N.Menon, Past District Grand Master. Worshipful Brother Sukesh Menon, District Grand Director of Ceremonies also attended the ceremony. After the ceremony, the brethren and the ladies took part in the festive board held in Hotel Casino, Willington Island, Cochin which was attended by the Right worshipful District Grand Master, the Right worshipful Past District Grand Master and the Worshipful District Grand Director of Ceremonies also.



By W Bro George Jayaprakash
Lodge Information officer of Lodge Anchor of Hope
No. 1093 EC Wellington

13th Jan 2014

“The usual day out for the Brethren of our Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC with their families in attendance is an annual feature of our Lodge year in, year out. An excellent gathering with more than 20 attending with their families and their children. We also had some invitees too and a couple of potential future Masons. A day of fun and games and good food. The ladies as usual conducted the games and the Tambola by one of our Brethren”.


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From the desk of Col (Retd) RN Balagopal
St.Johns Lodge No.434EC

19th Dec 2013

Fraternal Greetings

I wanted to forward you some interesting and happy information about one of our brethren Wor.Bro.Dharanikota Suyodhan. He has written a book "Professional Ethics and Morals" for engineering students of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, AP along with a senior professor. Almost all the first year engineering students in 325 colleges will read this book.

He has written an article that has been published in a popular US based sports site. click here to view more

Another event in which he was invited as expert for IIIT, Hyderabad forum was published on the web. click here to view more


     The Lodge of Universal Charity
No. 273 E. C.

Dear Brethren

1st Oct 2013

The Lodge Universal Charity No 273 EC had a Car Rally as a Charity Drive, for the first time in the District, on Sun 29th Sep 2013.

A very big thank you to all the brethren who responded spontaneously to our request for contribution for the car rally.

It was an overwhelming success and everyone who participated went back with happy memories. They enjoyed the breakfast before commencement, followed by refreshments and Biriyani for lunch. Most of all, every single participant received one prize or more.

There were 40 cars and the flag off was from our premises at The Freemasons Hall which wore a festive look. It was a mix of Young, Old and Wise alike having a good time! For the record the oldest participant in the rally at 84 was a part of the team that won the rally. Have we set any record here?!!

Out of the collection we contributed to the following that day:

  1. Shrishti Trust. Rs. 1,50,000.
  2. District Grand Charity Fund Trust. Rs.70,000.
  3. U C Charitable Trust. Rs. 50,000.
  4. Madras Free Mason Hall Trust. Rs. 20,000.
  5. Visually Challenged by way of Sticks purchased. Rs.33000. Besides, we set aside some funds (More than Rs One Lakh) for other routine charities we undertake.

The cars were flagged off first by our Worshipful Master W Bro Ilango Raphael, the Regional Grand Master RW Bro Sushil Raj who readily accepted to my request to join us, our Past District Grand Master & Honorary Member of our Lodge RW Bro KRN Menon who always inspires us by his presence, followed by all the brethren with the junior brethren leading the flag off.

Regards & Fraternal Greetings.

W Bro Sukesh Menon.
Finance Committee, Car Rally.
The Lodge Of Universal Charity.


Attending the Bi-centenary of the Royal Arch Chapter London - 16th Oct 2013

E. Comp S. Sampath 
Dist Grand Dy Supdtd

It was “Historic” when the 200 years of the Royal Arch was celebrated on 16th Oct. 2013 (Sat) in the UGLE, London. As one who participated in it, it was a great occasion and an unforgettable event in my Masonic life.

Exaltation Demonstration : 11.00 am

This convocation was held at 11.00 am by the Pro Grand First Principal (he was received in due & ample form). The ceremony was done in an impeccable manner by various companions sharing the portion.

Lunch – Connaught Rooms – 1.00 pm

About 200 companions were there and the Pro Grand Master asked me in particular about the way the ritual was done. This followed by a short speech by the M.E. – Pro First Grand Principal Comp. Peter Lowndes.

Bi-centenary celebrations at the Main Temple – 4.30 pm

The Duke of Kent, the ME First Grand Principal was received and the Supreme Grand Chapter was opened. He wished everyone on this occasion, in particular overseas visitors and gave a brief speech of his association for the past 46 years with Royal Arch (said in lighter vein that it is 1/4th of RA!!). It was mentioned by him that the “Royal college of Surgeons” has been supported by us for the past 180 years and a donation would be made at the Dinner.

A historical presentation by Bro. Hamill, addresses by the First Grand Principal of Scotland, Ireland preceded the address by the Duke of Kent.

Dinner at the Savoy – 6.15 pm

The Duke of Kent met some of the overseas visitors and enquired in general.

Dr. Norman of the Royal College of Surgeons was presented £1.7 million and he thanked the masons.

A book “Royal Arch meeting 1813-2013” was released. I will be presenting a copy to the library.

The evening ended with the Toasts.




Moments at the DGL Half Yearly Meeting at Wellington on 8th and 9th of August 2013

Charity Drive by the Lodge of Universal Charity
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view Photogallery



Moments at the DGL Half Yearly Meeting at Wellington on 8th and 9th of August 2013

Charity Drive by the Lodge of Universal Charity
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view Photogallery



Charity Drive by the Lodge of Universal Charity No 273 - Car / Bike Rally on sun 29th Sep 2013

Charity Drive by the Lodge of Universal Charity



Lodge Anchor of Hope No.1093 EC, Wellington

Report on the ½ yearly DGL Meeting 9th and 10th August 2013 for the District Website and Courier

As the Lodge Information Officer of my Lodge and the Convenor of the recently concluded ½ yearly District Grand Lodge Meeting held under the banner of Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC Wellington, I am presenting a report to this end.

  1. Total registrations was a record high of 362 with 342 attending the same excluding the visiting delegation which was 13 in number from the DGL of Bombay, Northern India, Bengal , Sri Lanka and the RGL of SI.
  2. Logistics were worked out over the past 18 months.
  3. Accommodations were arranged in 2 hotels and many home stays.
  4. Transport was arranged from and to Mettupalayam and also to the Coimbatore airport. Transport logistics were also planned from and to the places of stay and the venue, the UPASI.
  5. The venue for the function was decorated and suitable protection was provided against the vagaries of nature, which fortunately favoured us with good sun and a congenial climate.
  6. 9th August-
    • At 11.00 a.m. the Committee for the CMH met to deliberate on matters of import concerning the Home.
    • 12 Noon- the meeting for the Secretaries was attended by about 20 Brethren; W. Bro. T.V. Srinivasan, The District Grand Orator conducted the proceedings and explained various items regarding the Forms and administrative protocol for both the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch Chapter. This was a very informative PP session.
    • 7.00 p.m. - The Stewards Bar Dive was held with about 120 brethren including some visitors participating; a very good sum was raised towards the cause of Charity.
    • 8.00 p.m. - A live music band was performing for Brethren to be in mirth and good humour. The dinner was an excellent fare. The host lodge had also invited the Brethren who had left the Fraternity earlier and their families to this.
  7. 10th August- 
    • The District Grand Chapter Convocation was held at 9.15 a.m. with a very good attendance.
    • 10.00 am. - The District Grand Mentor W. Bro. Duleep Sahadevan gave a PP presentation on Mentoring-a very educative session indeed.
    • 11.00 a.m. - The District Grand Lodge Mark Meeting was held attended by many Brethren.
    • 12.00 Noon- fellowship and lunch.
    • 4.45 p.m. - Lodge Anchor of Hope opened the Lodge to receive the District.
    • 5.30 p.m. - The District Grand Lodge meeting was held with are record number attending, nearly 320 Brethren marking attendance and being present.
    • 7.00 p.m. - Photo session of the host Lodge with the District Officers.
    • 7.00- Fellowship and dinner.
  8. 11th August –
    • The host Lodge invited the Brethren as our guests, yet to leave Coonoor, for fellowship and lunch at the Coonoor Club at 12 Noon. There were about 72 who were able to attend the same. This was a time of bonding and merry making and mirth.
    • 4.00 p.m. - Brethren departed for their respective destination by buses, vans or cars.

These three days were indeed a time of bonding, making new friends and renewing old friendship.

A well-deserved and rewarding time for all those who attended the meetings and those who could not make it, a loss for them.

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W Bro Maj Romil Kumar Singh

Charity Drive by the Lodge of Universal Charity No 273 - Car / Bike Rally on sun 29th Sep 2013



Meetings of P.U. & Archibald Campbell in London By V W Bro S Sampath, Dy. DGM

  1. The brethren of P.U. No.150 had their meeting on 10th June 2013 (Mon) – 10.30 a.m. at Mark Masons Hall. Once an year they have their meeting in London, coordinated by W.Bro. Chellappa. The W.M. P.B. Shankar & brethren conducted a II degree ceremony in a fitting manner followed by lunch. Brethren from Archibald Campbell lodge also participated and assisted in the working. 
  2. The brethren of Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 had their meeting on 10th June 2013 (Mon) – 5.00 p.m. attended by 13 brethren at Room No.15, UGL Building at Queens Street. A III degree ceremony was done by the W.M. Kartik Sabanayagan ably assisted by the brethren in an impressive manner. Bro. James Campbell from Cambridge also a member, coordinated the meet along with Mathew Joseph. 
  3. On 11th June (Tue) – 5.00 p.m. the Isaac Newton University Lodge No.859 met and 12 brethren of Archibald & me attended at Cambridge. It is the Lodge of Cambridge University and membership is only open to members of the University. It was founded in 1861. The current master is W.Bro. Dr Justin Bishop. Bro. James Campbell was W.M. three years ago. The real reason for visiting however is that Sir Archibald Campbell was initiated, passed and raised in the Isaac Newton University Lodge before he left for India. It was thus his mother lodge. He never held office, however. He went through the master's chair in India.
  4. Apart from this I met the Grand Secretary V.W.Bro. Nigel Brown and also attended the Emulation Lodge of Improvement on 14th June where an Installation ceremony was done in an impressive manner. 
  5. As Dy.DGM I had the privilege of attending all these meetings with about 22 brethren from these lodges. Photos of some events are forwarded at the end.
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W Bro Dr Janardhanan PDJGW Lodge Kerala has completed 50 years

W Bro Dr Janardhanan PDJGW Lodge Kerala 2188 has completed 50 years in Masonry. This was celebrated in a meeting on 1st June in the presence of DGM accompanied by DGDofC followed by a banquet. 



From the Desk of DGS


 Brethren are advised that the CMH was vacated by the BIAL / CISF today, at the end of the lease with the Bengaluru International Airport Ltd., after an occupancy of five years from 14th feb 2008. During this tenure both parties had most amicable relations and rents were paid promptly, without reminders, for which our heartfelt thanks to the BIAL administration. The handing over / taking over procedures were satisfactorily completed on 15th February 2013 at site by our DGAS, Wor. Bro. P.B. Shankar and Wor . Bro T Thomas representing the Districts’ interests, assisted by Lt.Col. A. Divakar, Administrator. Col. Divakar’s role with his staff in administering the CMH facility and keeping it in-ship-shape order is sincerely acknowledged, which has contributed immeasurably to the facility’s excellent upkeep, commended by all. The Lessee’s deposit of Rs.125 lakhs was returned the same day. 

The District Grand Master and the District Administration is now actively pursuing other likely tenancies, especially looking out for a charitable purpose to be more directly served, through the letting of the CMH. We hope to have more to report on the developments thereon, in the next few weeks. In the interim, the Home will have necessary maintenance work done, to make it ready in all respects to satisfy the new tenancy requirements.


Christmas Celebrations at St George’s School & Orphanage, Chennai

To keep up with the spirit of Christmas the Dist Grand Lodge of Madras took part in the celebrations of St George’s Home, Chennai on 16th Dec 2012.

The Children were given school bags, water bottle and other essentials besides providing them with indoor games such as Carrom Boards, Ludo etc.

Brethren who represented the DGL were:

  • W Bro S Ponnaiya DGS
  • W Bro Sukesh Menon DGDofC
  • W Bro C S Ravichandran DGOrganist
  • Bro P B Shankar DGAS
  • W Bro Ve Periannan
  • Bro Ilango Raphael
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W.Bro.V.R.Krishnan Nair IFS(retd), aged 87 years, won the second place in 800 metres race representing India at the 17th Asia Masters Athletics Championships held at Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) from November 2nd to 7th, 2012. He was the National Champion in the National Masters Athletics Championships in the 5km walk and 800 metres race held at Bangalore during February,2012.

See Paper clippings and Photos.

Congratualtions W Bro Krishnan!

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Visit to Sri Lanka

The W. Assistant District Grand Master W. Bro. Abdul Jifri represented the R W the District Grand Master R W Bro. Theophilus Arputharaj Devagnanam at the Installation of W. Bro. Henry Malin Goonetileke as R W the District Grand Master & the Grand Superintendent for Sri Lanka by R W Deputy Grand Master R W Bro. Jonathan Spence on 21st July 2012. 

He was accompanied by

  • W. Bro. Sukesh Menon PDJGW DGDofC,

  • W. Bro. Madhavan Chellappa PDSGW,

  • W. Bro. Sunil Koliyot PDG Chaplin DG Supt of Works,

  • W. Bro. A. C. Rajasekaran,&

  • W Bro. Muthu Palaniappan Singaram.

They were looked after very well and returned with happy memories.


The following brethren from our district have received Life Time Achievement Award from
The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical university this year


Dr. Mohamed Farook
Lodge Of Rock No 260
6th March 2012

The Lodge Cauvery No 3848
1st July 2012

Dr. Zameer Pasha
Lodge Of Rock No 260
1st July 2012

Dr.George Jayaprakash
The Anchor of Hope Lodge No 1093
5th September 2012


The following was awarded Best Doctor Award from the same University


Dr.Samson Daniel
Lodge Of Rock No 260
5th September 2012



Our DGM RW Bro Theo Devagnanam Inaugurated the Madras Week and Released the
Autobiography of RW Bro KRN Menon PDGM on 18th Aug 2012



Autobiography of RW Bro K R N Menon Released in Cochin on 2nd August 2012



The Dist Grand Master RW Bro Theo Devagnanam visited Malaysia
and attended the following Masonic Events

  1. Consecration of IDRIS LODGE No 9868 EC on 8th of June and dinner thereafter.

  2. The half yearly meeting of the District Grand Lodge of Eastern Archipelago and the annual convocation of The Dist Grand Chapter of Eastern Archipelago on the 9th and the banquet thereafter.

           Brethren who accompanied the RW DGM were:

  • W Bro Sukesh Menon – PDJGW, DGDofC

  • W Bro Sunil Koliyot – PDGChap, DG SuptOfWorks

  • W Bro Peter K Manavalan – W Master, The Lodge of Universal Charity No 273 EC 

  • Bro Ilango Raphael - S W, The Lodge of Universal Charity No 273 EC 

  • Bro Kurien Manavalan – Chaplain, The Lodge of Universal Charity No 273 EC 

  • Bro Ravi Kesavan – Secretary, The Lodge of Universal Charity No 273 EC 

Click here to view photo gallery


As desired by our RWDGM, RW Bro.T.A.Devagnanam, Trustee, Madras Freemasons Hall Trust, the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a lift in Madras Freemasons Hall was conducted at the premises at 9 AM on Friday, 29th June,2012. The function was graced by V.W Bro. S.Sampath, Dy DGM, W Bro. K.V.Srinivasan, Chairman, Premises Committee, W Bro. Sukesh Menon, Dist.Grand Director of Ceremonies and many brethern. The lift facility will be a boon to elderly brethern who find it difficult to climb to the temples in the first floor.



Arrived in Chennai....

George Francis
Second Grand Principal
Supreme Grand Chapter
Of Royal Arch Masons of England

Born 1947. Educated Eton. Solicitor since 1975. Held office as a Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies of Supreme Grand Chapter 2001-3. Installed as 2nd Grand Principal in November 2005. 

ME. Comp. George Pipon Francis arrived Chennai on 8th February 2012, accompanied by M.E. Comp. Oliver Wyne Lodge the Grand Director of Ceremonies of Supreme Grand Chapter, and attended the Bicentenary celebration of Chapter School of Plato held on 10th February 2012.



School of Plato Chapter 150 EC has joined the elite club of only 45 other Chapters under the United Grand Chapter to celebrate their Bicentenary and the first ever such and event outside England. The Emergency Convocation to celebrate the momentous event was on 10th Feb 2012 and was graced ME the 2nd Grand Principal, ME George Pipon Francis and his Grand Director of Ceremony E Comp Oliver W Lodge, ME Grand Superintendent E Comp Theophilus Aruputharaj Devagnanam was present and other dignitaries from Sister Constitutions including Regional Grand Superintendent ME Comp R Sushilraj, ME Comp Bomi S Mehta Past Grand Superintendent of Grand Chapter of United Scottish Royal Arch Freemasonry in India and Ceylon, Rt. Ex Comp Dr Karthikeya Varma,Past Dist Grand High Priest of the Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland in India and a host of other Grand & District Companions besides Companions of the order.



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