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The District Grand Lodge of Madras is the administrative and controlling body of Freemasons lodges functioning in the States of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala collectively referred to as the District of Madras for Masonic purposes.

Freemasonry has existed in the Coromandel Coast for more than 250 years the first Lodge having been consecrated in Madras in 1752.

The oldest Lodge of this Masonic District still working here is the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No.150 which was consecrated in 1786 and celebrated its bicentenary in 1986.

The District Grand Lodge of Madras, (DGL) is a body created by the UNITED GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND (UGLE) under the authority of its Book of Constitutions. The head of the DGL is called the DISTRICT GRAND MASTER and is appointed under the authority of the Grand Master of the UGLE in London. He is assisted by a Deputy and an Assistant who have his authority in his absence.

There are other Officers of the DGL some of whom are the District Grand Registrar, District Grand Treasurer, District Grand Secretary, President of the Board of General Purposes, District Grand Superintendent of Works Works each of whom discharges a specific duty in the Masonic Districts administration. The head of the District Grand Lodge is the District Grand Master. Some past District Grand Masters have included such dignitaries as Governors of the Province, Senior Civil Servants etc.

Currently, the District of Madras has 18 lodges distributed as under:

State No. Of Lodges
Tamilnadu 11
Kerala 4
Andhra Pradesh 2
Karnataka 1

The total membership is of the order of 1200 with a few dual memberships. They are drawn from educated, responsible and well-informed men with a dispensation for knowledge and charity.

The District Grand Charity of Madras has total funds of about Rs.100 lakhs collected principally from within its membership and dispenses charity in the form of support and relief to indigent masons, indigent widows of masons, scholarships to students to pursue higher education etc. Reaching outside its own membership for funds is not normally known to masonry. Exceptions would be members own charitable trusts or from their close family, business establishments run by them etc.

Some lodges have medical clinics operated by them and others aid and assist specific divisions or functions in public hospitals.

In Chennai the lodges meet in spacious premises at Ethiraj Salai (formerly Commander-in-Chief Road), Egmore in buildingsconstructed in 1928 specifically to house the Temples for meetings. The headquarters of the District Grand Lodge of Madras with its offices are also located in the same premises. One of our early headquarters is the grand edifice in the Madras Marina now occupied by the Tamil Nadu Police.