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RWDGM Kumar Ravindranath Menon

Ravindranath Menon

Bro. Kumar Ravindra Nath Menon our District Grand Master was born in Colombo Ceylon in August 1935. His father the late Mr. S.R.K. Menon was the head of his own large auditing practice in that country, and till the year 1958 that was his place of residence.

Our DGM was educated in India and Ceylon where he attended St. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa from where he passed the London Matriculation exam. In 1951, with distinction.

He later spent two years as an (Intermediate) student at Madras Christian College, Tambaram, from which establishment he proceeded to Oxford as an undergraduate at Christ Church and in due time, taking an Honors Degree in Philosophy Politics and Economics in 1957.

He joined Best & Co. Private Ltd. in March 1958 and after occupying various positions in the Company, in 1970 was made a wholetime Director in the amalgamated Company Best & Crompton Engineering Ltd., the youngest holder of a Board position in that firm in a Century.

He resigned from that position in 1976, and founded thereupon his own Corporate Management Consultancy Company of which he remains Chairman & Managing Director. R.W. Bro. Menon is on the Board of other Public Companies and Trusts in a non-Executive capacity.

Our DGM has always had an abiding interest in sporting activities and earned School College and University colours in Tennis and Cricket, and over the last forty years has been an active Golfer, has captained the Madras Gymkhana Golf Club and the Addicts Golfing Society of Southern India.

Masonically speaking, his late father engineered his initiation into freemasonry to which Menon pere came to rather late in life, and wanted a family tradition – DGMs grand-uncles were all Masons from the 1900s – to be continued. Accordingly DGM’s late father saw to his initiation in Lodge Archibald Campbell, in 1968, proposed by Bro. M.R. Narayanan Nair, then an Executive of the Metal Box Co. Ltd., Madras.

From 1968, Bro. Menon steadily ascended the ladder of Lodge Archibald Campbell, and occupied almost all the offices in that Lodge before arriving at the Eastern Chair in 1976 and again in 1988. He joined Lodge Perfect Unanimity in 1973 and was Master there in a vacancy caused by the sudden demise of a Warden in 1991. His first District Rank (Pursuivant) was in 1981, was D.G. Treasurer 1989-93, District Grand Secretary 1994-2000, and achieved Grand Rank in the Craft in 1997, before arriving at his present position as RWDGM in 2001.

In the Chapter, he was exalted in the year 1969 in the oldest Chapter outside the British Isles, Chapter School of Plato No.150 and reached the first Principal’s Chair in 1979. He first achieved District Rank in 1982 (Standard Bearer) and moved through the parallel Treasurer’s and Scribe E Chairs, as in the Craft, before achieving Grand Rank in 1998 (PAGDC) and being installed as Grand Superintendent in and over the District of Madras in 2001.

It may be quite safely said that R.W. Bro. Menon is a singular example in our District history, of having occupied all the important administrative offices in local Masonic administration, before being installed as the head of the District.

R.W. Bro. Menon is happily married to Jayanthy, and they have three sons, and four grand-children.