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The Anchor Of Hope Lodge, No.1093
( Wellington )

Date of Warrant: February 14, 1866. Meets: Second Wednesday every Month. Election: January. Installation: February.

List of Officers For 2019-2020   ( Installed : 23rd February, 2019 )
Worshipful Master R.Madhusudan
Senior Warden Parmesh Bellan
Junior Warden Vishal Nagesh
I.P.M. D.Nandakumar
Chaplain R.Suraj
Treasurer K.Sridhar
Secretary Prakash Rajubettan
Director of Ceremonies Prashant R.Menon
Almoner Ullas Menon
Charity Steward N.K.Devaraj
Mentor Raman A.Menon
Senior Deacon Vikash Gopalakrishnan
Junior Deacon Raj Pradeep
Asst.Director of Ceremonies S.G.Lakshmanan
Organist Vikram C Devaraj
Asst.Secretary K.Vinod Shenai
Inner Guard Sunil Shivdas
Steward Aditya Menon
Steward Prashanth Aiyappa
Tyler T.M.Krishna Dev
T.S.Chhabra (1982) R.B.Gopalakrishnan (1989)
Dr.K.Srinivasan Pothi (1997) Chanduru Rajubettan (1990 & 2002)
Raman A.Menon (1992, 2008) Sunil Shivdas
M.Gopalakrishnan (2005) Nagesh Nanjiah
K.Sridhar (1999) N.Homi Sethna (1998)
Vikram C. Devraj (2001) T.M.Krishnadev (2004 & 2017)
S.N.Raju S.G.Lakshmanan(2009)
K.Vinod Shenai (2014) Sivraj Boriah (2007)
A.V.K.Iyengar (2010) Ullas Menon
D.K.Khanna M.B.Devraj (2013)
N.K.Devaraj (2012) A.P.Muralidharan
R.Suraj (2011) Prashant R.Menon (2015 & 2016)
R.Madhusudhan (2019) D.Nandakumar (2018)
Praksh Rajubettan Vishal Nagesh
Paramesh Bellan Pradeep K.Cherian
Vinod Basker Ravikumar R.Manian (PM4998 - 2011)
Vikash Gopalakrishnan Rajpradeep
Rahul Kaula Aditya Menon
Prashanth Aiyappa Paddu Padmanabhan
Honorary Members
R.W.Bro.Cdr.M.B.S.Higham, R.N., P.J.G.W., P.Grand Secretary.

Date of Warrant: February 14, 1866. Meets: Second Wednesday every Month. Election: January. Installation: February.

List of Officers For 2018-2019   ( Installed : 14th February, 2018 )
Worshipful Master D.Nandakumar
Senior Warden Prakash Rajubettan
Junior Warden Parmesh Bellan
I.P.M. T.M.Krishna Dev
Chaplain S.G.Lakshmanan
Treasurer K.Sridhar
Secretary R.Madhusudan
Director of Ceremonies Prashant R.Menon
Almoner Sunil Shivdas
Charity Steward Raman A.Menon
Mentor Dr.George Jayaprakash
Senior Deacon Vishal Nagesh
Junior Deacon  Vikash Gopalakrishnan
Asst.Director of Ceremonies R.Suraj
Organist A.V.K.Iyengar
Asst.Secretary N.K.Devaraj
Inner Guard Raj Pradeep     
Steward Sunil Shivdas
Steward Rahul Kaula
Steward Aditya Menon
Tyler Vikram C Devaraj
T.S.Chhabra (1982) R.V.Raghavan (1988)
R.B.Gopalakrishnan (1989) Dr.K.Srinivasan Pothi (1997)
Chanduru Rajubettan (1990&2002) Raman A.Menon (1992, 2008)
Sunil Shivdas M.Gopalakrishnan (2005)
Nagesh Nanjiah K.Sridhar (1999)
N.Homi Sethna (1998) Vikram C. Devraj (2001)
T.M.Krishnadev (2004 & 2017) S.N.Raju
S.G.Lakshmanan(2009) K.Vinod Shenai (2014)
Sivraj Boriah (2007) A.V.K.Iyengar (2010)
Ullas Menon D.K.Khanna
M.B.Devraj (2013) N.K.Devaraj (2012)
A.P.Muralidharan R.Suraj (2011)
Prashant R.Menon (2015 &2016) R.Madhusudhan
D.Nandakumar (2018) Praksh Rajubettan
Vishal Nagesh Paramesh Bellan
Pradeep K.Cherian Vinod Basker
Ravikumar R.Manian(PM4998-2011) Vikash Gopalakrishnan
Rajpradeep Rahul Kaula
Aditya Menon Prashanth Aiyappa
Honorary Members
R.W.Bro.Cdr.M.B.S.Higham, R.N., P.J.G.W., P.Grand Secretary.
List of Officers For 2017-2018   ( Installed : 8th February, 2017 )
Worshipful Master T.M.Krishna Dev
Immediate Worshipful Master R.Madhusudan
Senior Warden Prakash Rajubettan
Junior Warden Prashant R.Menon
Chaplin N.K.Devaraj
Treasurer K.Sridhar
Secretary D.Nandakumar
D of C R.Suraj
Almoner Vinod Basker
Charity Steward Dr.K.Srinivasan.Pothi
Mentor Dr.George Jayaprakash
Senior Deacon Parmesh Bellan
Junior Deacon Vishal Nagesh
Asst D of C M.Gopalakrishnan
Organist A.V.K.Iyengar
Asst Secretary K.Vinod Shenai
Inner Guard Capt. Ravi Kumar Manian
Stewards S.G.Lakshmanan
Stewards Vikash Gopalakrishnan
Stewards Raj Pradeep     
Tyler M.B.Devaraj
V.K.Rajaram T.S.Chhabra (1982)
R.V.Raghavan (1988) R.B.Gopalakrishnan (1989)
Dr.K.Srinivasan Pothi (1997) Chanduru Rajubettan(1990&2002)
Raman A.Menon (1992, 2008) Dr.George Jayaprakash (1994 & 2006)
Sunil Shivdas M.Gopalakrishnan (2005)
Nagesh Nanjiah K.Sridhar (1999)
N.Homi Sethna (1998) Vikram C. Devraj (2001)
T.M.Krishnadev (2004 & 2017) S.N.Raju
S.G.Lakshmanan(2009) K.Vinod Shenai (2014)
Sivraj Boriah (2007) A.V.K.Iyengar (2010)
Ullas Menon D.K.Khanna
M.B.Devraj (2013) N.K.Devaraj (2012)
A.P.Muralidharan R.Suraj (2011)
Prashant R.Menon (2015 &2016) R.Madhusudhan
D.Nandakumar Praksh Rajubettan
Vishal Nagesh Paramesh Bellan
Pradeep K.Cherian Vinod Basker
Ravikumar R.Manian(PM4998-2011) Vikash Gopalakrishnan
Rajpradeep Mahavir Singh Khosla
Rahul Kaula  
Honorary Members
R.W.Bro.Cdr. M.B.S.Higham, R.N., P.J.G.W., P.Grand Secretary.
Report On Installation Meeting 2017
08th Feb 2016

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, Lodge Mentor & Lodge Information Officer

Installation Meeting
Installation Meeting

The Installation Meeting of our Lodge was held on the 8th February 2017 wherein W. Bro. T.M. Krishn Dev was installed as the 152nd Master of our Lodge. He had held this office earlier in 2004. This was of the very few occasions when we had the Installation Meeting before the DGL Investiture Meeting; for normally the Installation always follows the DGL Meeting.

After Tea at 5: 00 p.m., the group photograph was taken at 5: 30p.m.; the Meeting started at the stated hour of 6:00 p.m. in the august presence of RW Bro. T.A. Devagnanam, RW The District Grand Master of Madras. The Inspection of files was done two days earlier by W. Bro. Narayana Kutty PDG Chaplain. In the absence of the DGDoC, W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW was the Acting DG DoC. The Meting went off well with clock-work precision as usual.

Thereafter a 1 hour period of fellowship was followed by a sumptuous sit-down dinner with Brethren departing in joy and harmony at 11:00 p.m. Both during the Fellowship and at dinner we had the Bag- pipers from the Military Band playing on their bag-pipes for nearly 30 minutes.

The total attendees were 38 with many visitors from Lodge of Faith Hope and Charity No. 1285 EC and across the hills in Ootacamund; we also had 7 Brethren of the Indian Constitution, Lodge Ooty, attending the Meeting.

A few photographs are attached for your viewing pleasure.

Anchor Of Hope Lodge
Anchor Of Hope Lodge
Anchor Of Hope Lodge
Anchor Of Hope Lodge
Anchor Of Hope Lodge

* click the image to view it larger

Report On Sesquicentennial Celebration

2nd April 2016

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, Lodge Mentor & Lodge Information Officer

The story began in 1866 and we are still going strong.....

Consecrated 15th September 1865

Constituted 24th February 1866

I have conveyed more than one hundred such thoughts since it was first launched on our website in January 2003, with messages to the end of 2007 having been reproduced in a volume, and distributed to as many Brethren as asked for a copy, with a contribution of Rupees Fifty only each, for our Charity Fund.

My address at the last District Investiture Meeting in February in Chennai conveyed all my thoughts and completed tasks, and which anticipated my demitting office, as I had by then, already indicated to the Rulers of our Grand Lodge, my desire to step down, when I was still in good health. To depart when one is too ill to hold this prestigious office was not an option I wished ever to exercise, and as I had already accomplished all the tasks and objectives I had set out on assuming office in 2001 – it was time to bid good-bye.

I do not, however, propose to fade out into the good night, but will continue to participate in such Masonic activities, as my Lodges of which I have been a subscribing member for more than four decades, may require and to continue to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

My successor Bro. Theo Devagnanam, will be the fifth District Ruler since Independence, and by far the youngest to hold this office. I am sure you will all render him your unadulterated loyalty and support to continue the efforts to put the District of Madras, and its Masonic achievements up there with the best in the fraternity. Bro. Theo brings with him not only relative youth but a well-recognised record as a successful corporate chief, and above all, a solid record in charitable initiatives. May the GAOTU bless him, his charming lady Vasanthi and the Brethren of this District who have all given me their love and affection. Any success that has devolved upon the District as a Masonic enterprise has been almost entirely due to those sentiments having been translated into harnessed team-work by its Brethren. Thank you one and all !

The Brethren of Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC had the unique and signal privilege of celebrating the Sesquicentennial Celebration on the 2nd April 2016 at an Emergency Meeting held at the Lodge. This was in the august presence of The RW The District Grand Master of Madras, RW Bro. T.A. Devagnanam accompanied for protocol purposes by W. Bro. Sunil Koliyot, DGDoC. There were three other Officers of Grand Ranks also present to add Masonic splendour to the celebration.

After a fair degree of renovation was done to the premises, the Lodge sported a ‘new’ look’. The verdant surroundings was just the right setting for such a celebration. Tea at 5:00 p.m. was followed by a group photograph in Masonic Regalia at 5:30 p.m. Then the Meeting was conducted within the Lodge when we had 12 visitors, apart from many current and Past District Grand Officers. The presence of these Brethren gave the needed encouragement too. At the Emergency Meeting at 6:30 p.m., a special Sesquicentennial Prayer was offered after which the History of the Lodge from the date of inception to date was prepared and read by W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash. This was then presented to the RW The DGM as a scroll for the District Grand Lodge archives. The meeting concluded at 7:30 p.m. Following this, the plaque with the History of the Lodge was unveiled by The RW The District Grand Master. The Obligatory Toasts were then gone through. This was followed by a time of Fellowship under the verdant, starry and blue and nippy sky and an indoor buffet dinner. (The customary sit-down dinner was not possible due to want of space to accommodate the large number of Brethren.) We had for this Fellowship and dinner invited some of the family members and Brethren who had been a part of us in the early years and who had left us for their personal reasons. During the time of Fellowship, we had two bagpiper in attendance, with their kilt and other paraphernalia, to present a series of music for about 30 minutes. The whole sesquicentennial celebration came to a satisfying end at about 11:00 p.m.

On Sunday, we had a Fellowship lunch at the Coonoor Club with the visitors and the family members of the Host Lodge. This was indeed a day to remember.

To end this brief report, I conclude with this little poem by Emily Dickinson which runs thus……

The Mountain sat upon the Plain
In his tremendous Chair -
His observation omnifold,
His inquest, everywhere -

The Seasons played around his knees
Like Children round a sire -
Grandfather of the Days is He
Of Dawn, the Ancestor -

Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Sesquicentennial Celebration

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Report On Installation Meeting 2016

20 Feb 2016

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, Lodge Mentor & Lodge Information Officer

On the 20th February 2016, W. Bro. Prasanth R. Menon was re-installed as the Worshipful Master of our Lodge at an impressive Meeting of Installation. The Installation Ceremony was conducted by W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDSGW. Incidentally this is the 150th year of continuous Masonic existence. Proud to state that at the 100th Installation, the presently Installed Master’s Grandfather was the WM of our Lodge!!

The Representative of the RW The DGM was W. Bro. B. Sivraj, PDSGW who did the inspection of records and files on the 19th evening.

The Pre-Meeting Photograph was at 5.30 p.m. preceded by Tea and the Meeting started at 6.00 p.m. The Ceremony was gone through with the usual perfection following which we had a 60 minute time of Fellowship followed by a sit-down banquet as is the usual custom in our Lodge. We had 7 Visiting Brethren from across the hills from Lodge of Faith Hope and Charity No. 1285 EC. We had an excellent attendance too with 35 Brethren being present at the Meeting.

With the proceeding being over, the Brethren departed in ‘perfect peace, harmony and mirth’ at 10.55 p.m.

A wonderful evening it was- “Oh wonderful Masons”.

A few photographs are included for your viewing pleasure.

Report On Installation Meeting
Report On Installation Meeting
Report On Installation Meeting
Report On Installation Meeting
Report On Installation Meeting

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Bag-piper during the Regular Meeting - Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC, Wellington

19 Oct 2015

In our Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC, Wellignton, first we have the labour, followed by refreshment which consists of felloship and always a sit-down-dinner with the usual obligatory Toasts . The Regular Meeting in October 2015 was a little different conceived by a young Brother (Lt. Col) Vinodh Basker. He organised that a lone bag-piper with kilt and all the paraphernalia will be in attendance during two events- the first was at the ‘Toast to the Absent Brethren’ which we have at the hour of 9.00 p.m.. As the names were being read,the bag-piper started to play some solemn music. After this as soon as we were seated and soup was served, the bag-piper went around the dinner table thrice (thrice-I don’t know what the significance is) and played suitable music. Finally he stopped at the WM Chair and was lustily applauded by all present. Thereafter according to ancient military custom, a stiff drink of rum was offered to the bag-piper on a tray by the WM, which the bag-piper dutifully downed literally ‘bottoms-up’ in one gulp, saluted the WM and left marching out of the dining area in true Military style

This was an evening to remember and which we will always recall whenever we see a bag-piper anywhere.

Incidentally during the “fellowship” it was ‘100 Pipers’ all the way- sheer coincidence !!

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakasah PDGSW, DG Charity Steward.

Lodge information Office

Bag Piper During Regular Meeting
Bag Piper During Regular Meeting

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Wellington Report On Installation Meeting 2015

21 Feb 2015

W. Bro.(Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDGSW, DG Charity Steward and Lodge Information Officer

Every February we have the Installation Meeting of our Lodge to hand over the reins of the Lodge to a new Master; this year we had the privilege of installing Bro. Prasanth R. Menon as the New Master; he is the grand-son of an illustrious Past Master Late W. Bro. Aravindaksha Menon and the ‘brother-son’ of W. Bro. Raman Menon.

On the 21st February 2015, Bro. Prasanth R. Menon was installed as the Worshipful Master of our Lodge at an impressive Ceremony graced by the RW The DGM, RW Bro. T.A. Devagnanam. His presence did inspire us, as he has always done, by his kindly words and his encouragement. He was accompanied by W. Bro. Sunil Koliyot, DG DoC, this being his first assignment outside of Chennai after taking over this challenging Office as DG DoC. He did the inspection all books, registers and files at 11.00 a.m. after which he joined a few of us for lunch.

The Pre-Meeting Photograph was at 5.00 p.m. followed by Tea and the Meeting started at the hour of 6.00 p.m. The Ceremony was gone through with the usual perfection following which we had a 45 minute time of Fellowship followed by a sit-down banquet as is the usual custom in our Lodge. This is despite that our caretaker of 15 years passed away 3 weeks ago. We had 5 Visiting Brethren, 1 unattached Brother leading to a grand total of 35.

With the proceeding being over, the Brethren departed in ‘perfect peace, harmony and mirth’ at 10.45 p.m.

This was an evening to remember.

Installation Meet Anchor of Hope
Installation Meet Anchor of Hope
Installation Meet Anchor of Hope
Installation Meet Anchor of Hope
Installation Meet Anchor of Hope
Installation Meet Anchor of Hope
Installation Meet Anchor of Hope

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Achievement of Bro Sunil Shivdas of the Anchor of Hope Lodge

28 Jan 2015

Indian Dressage Team Claims First Fame at 2014 Asian Games

2014 Asian Games

Dressage in India has come a long way. This rising dressage nation finished sixth at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon (KOR) on 18 - 21 September 2014 where it gained its first international recognition as a developing dressage country. India's 3* judge Sunil Shivdas and the Indian team riders all consider this result very encouraging, particularly as it raises awareness for the country's potential as a dressage nation.

The stars on the Indian dressage firmament are Nadia Haridass, Vanita Malhotra, and Shubhsri Rajendra, spearheaded by national champion and the Asian Games highest ranked Indian Shruti Vora. India has only been a member of the FEI since 1971 and dressage has been considered the ugly duckling discipline due to its lack of adrenaline.

Indian Judges, a two man show

Indian FEI 3* Judge Colonel Sunil Shivdas was not present at the Asian Games, but as a judge for India he is now in a position to pay it forward in a sport that has already given him so much.

"It gives me great pleasure imparting the knowledge I have to our riders, trainers and judges. I have taken a number of clinics so far and have judged extensively in South East Asia. The biggest challenge I now face is to get Grand Prix competitions to judge since they are few and far between in this region."

Indian Dressage Team Claims

Trainer Jan Bemelmans chatting with Sunil Shivdas
at the 2014 CDI Kapellen

With only one other dressage judge from India, Col Dushyant Bali (FEI 2*) Sunil says it was indeed quite difficult to become a judge given his nationality.

“In 2007 I embarked on my journey to become an FEI dressage judge. I had to spend a lot of time in Europe to do my sit-ins and shadow judging. In 2010 when I had met all the criteria to attend the exam for promotion to FEI Candidate judges, the FEI changed the criteria. Furthermore no exams were held in 2010. The new criteria was different for countries like India that did not have Grand Prix. So I had to begin qualifying all over again. In June 2011, at Gangeung, S Korea, I got my FEI 2* status. Now I was helped extensively by the FEI under the exchange programme for FEI officials. There are a number of senior judges who have helped me reach where I am but if I have to name a single person it would certainly be Mariette Withages who motivated me and steadfastly supported me all along.”

Hoping to get his 4* status by 2017, as a serving Army officer of the 61st Cavalry, Colonel Sunil plans to judge as much as his military duties permit him.

“On the home front a new series of dressage competitions called the 'Indian Dressage League' have been introduced, based on the FEI World Challenge format, judged by a single FEI dressage judge," said Shivdas. "This has served to bring back the focus onto dressage at all levels, and I feel that dressage In India has come a long way and its future is very promising.”

- by Sarah Warne for Eurodressage - Photos © Horse Move Thailand - Astrid Appels

The Ladies day-out 11 Jan 2015

The Ladies day-out

11 Jan 2015

The Ladies day-out in our Lodge, Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC, Wellington is an annual feature which is held without fail year after year. This is held either in the Masonic Lodge premises or at any outside place. This year it was decided to hold this event in the Lodge premises since we had some wives of Masons and some visitors who have never seen the premises.

Thus on the 11th January 2015 we met at the Loge premises at 11.00 a.m. and following a time of camaraderie and fellowship, moved on to have some games to keep the grey cells of all present ticking. Following this a “Walk the talk” was done with W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash doing the explanation of the Temple and our functioning and the purpose for which we as Masons meet. Then followed a sumptuous lunch relished by all.

The get-together came to a happy ending at 3.30 p.m., all present departing with the utmost satisfaction, that an afternoon was well and worthily spent in the company of friends and Brethren.

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDSGW,
Lodge Information Officer

Ladies Day Out
Ladies Day Out
Ladies Day Out
Ladies Day Out
Ladies Day Out
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Amidst the sylvan surroundings of the hills, surrounded on one side by a rivulet and on the other by a soaring mountain is nestled our Lodge The Lodge of Anchor of Hope, No. 1093 EC, Wellington. As is the wanton custom every year at the stated period we have our Installation Meeting , a meeting much looked forward to by all of us regulars. This year was no different but with a difference-we had the RW The District Grand Master himself attending the meeting accompanied by none other the W. Bro. Sukesh Menon PDJGW and DGDoC. The inspection of record were done in the forenoon by W.Bro. Sukesh Menon. At the hour of 5.00p.m. the group photograph was taken followed by tea. The meeting commenced at 6.00 p.m. and went through with the usual perfection our Lodge is known for. After the Meeting, there was 60 minutes of fellowship followed by a sit-down banquet-as is the custom in our Lodge every month.

Since our Lodge was in mourning, the Obligatory Toasts were dispensed with and after a sumptuous diner, Brethren departed with mirth and satisfaction.

Date of Warrant: February 14, 1886. Meets: Second Wednesday every Month. Election: January. Installation: February.

Lodge Anchor of Hope No.1093 EC, Wellington

As the Lodge Information Officer of my Lodge and the Convenor of the recently concluded ½ yearly District Grand Lodge Meeting held under the banner of Lodge Anchor of Hope No. 1093 EC Wellington, I am presenting a report to this end.


EC Wellington
Visit To Lodges

W. Master, W. Brethren and Brethren all. At the outset, I thank the W. Master for having given me the opportunity of sharing my experience with you all regarding my recent visit to Lodges in U.S.A.

On May, 1, 2012, I visited the Conejo Valley Lodge No. 807 located at Thousand Oaks, West Coast, California.

Before admitting to their Lodge, they asked me to Come half an hour early i.e. at 6 P. M. to their Lodge and I was received by Tyler, Marshall, Senior Warden and Senior Deacon of their Lodge and examined my credentials. After satisfying, I was obligated and taken inside the Masonic Temple and was welcomed and introduced to the members of their Lodge by their worshipful Master.

The arrangement in their Masonic Temple is more influenced by the Scottish Constitution rather than English Constitution.

The proceedings in the Temple Started after the Lodge was opened in the, first degree, with Messages, from the East by the W. Master. Raul Cifuentes, from the west by Senior Warden Bro. Roy Balfour and from the South by the Junior Warden Bro. Frank Shapiro.

I was very much impressed by the message from the west given by the Senior Warden who started his message by Quoting Mahatma Gandhi and I reproduce his message in what follows: “ You cannot undo anything you have already done; You can only face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let God do the rest”. – Mahatma Gandhi. Further, he mentioned that in the lectures of the degree and in the opening and closing of the Lodge we find the element of forgiveness. Masonry teaches that charity is one of its central tenets and is not forgiveness nothing more than an act of charity. By it, we overlook a brother’s transgressions and extend the hand of brotherly love to him. The act of forgiveness provides the errant brother the opportunity to renew his oath and obligations to our Fraternity.

A Lodge should be that place of refuge where one can Commit a human failing and still receive forgiveness. We are taught to “Whisper friendly Counsel” into an erring brother’s ear. For it is only when the attentive ear receives the Sound of the instructive tongue can true harmony within the Lodge be maintained. There is little doubt that living up to the principles of Freemasonry is difficult, it is well worth the effort.

The Lodge furnishes us the opportunity to learn and practice Masonic Virtues within it and then to go out into the World and Share them. Let us live up to that work. Extend the hand of brotherly love and Compassion to all. Sooner or later, you may need a brother to act in kind.

The Conejo Valley Masonic Lodge is fifty years old and having 250 members. The average attendance in each meeting is around 50. They are focusing on Membership development and if there are more number of members to be Initiated, passed and Raised, the Lodge meets weekly. As a result, I had the opportunity of visiting the Meetings of the said Lodge twice. In the first week, I could witness the Investing of the Junior Warden and Junior Deacon, who were unavoidably absent during the regular Installation ceremony. In the second week, I could witness the Initiation ceremony.

On my way to Grand Canyon from Los Vegas, I had the opportunity to see the “Joshua Tree” and took pictures with the Joshua tree in the background.

In the East Coast of U. S. A, I visited along with my family members the Grand Lodge of New York which is having 12 Magnificent Masonic Temples.

On the whole, my visit to Lodges in U. S. A was fruitful and exciting. I thank all of you for having heard me with patience.

An Explanation of Masonic Symbols

Brethren, today I shall present a short explanation of the symbolic meanings of the jewels worn by the officers of the Lodge. This is been taken from the book “THE PERFECT ASHLER AND OTHER MASONIC SYMBOLS” written by Wor. Bro. The Rev. John T Lawrence, P.A.G.Chaplain.

Emblem of the Worshipful Master - The Square

Of all symbols employed by the Freemasons to moralise upon, the square is the most important. It dominates him as well as the Lodge in every way. On his entry into the Lodge, the candidate walks with square steps, round the square pavement of a Lodge. When he first opens his eyes on Freemasonry and sees the light, he beholds the square, and at the same time observes that the principal officer of the Lodge is adorned with the square as his emblem of office.

In our ritual, the square has three distinct and different symbolisms. It is the second Great Light, it is the emblem of the Worshipful Master and it is one of the working tools. Its explanation is practically the same in very case- morality.

Emblem of the Wardens - The Level and the Plumb Rule

The doctrine of equality with which the level is associated needs to be carefully understood. The Senior Warden on his investiture is told that his jewel is to be constant reminder of the duty of impartiality. The level, the fellowcraft is told, is for the purpose of laying levels and proving horizontals. He further learns that the level teaches equality and it demonstrates that we are all sprung from the same stock, partakers of the same nature and sharers of the same hope, and all though distinction among men are necessary to preserve subordination and to reward merit and ability, yet there is no eminence of situation which should cause us to forget that we are brethren, that he who is placed on the lowest spoke of fortune’s wheel is equally entitled to our regard with him who has attained its highest round, for a time will assuredly come when all distinctions save those of piety and virtue shall cease and Death the great destroyer shall reduce us to the same level. You must note that the Senior Warden closes the Lodge and hence is the “Destroyer” or leveller.

The importance attached by the Craft to the plumb rule may be surmised from the fact of it being the badge of one of the principal officers, one of the Craft working tools and the further reference found in the prophet Amos vii 7,8 read during the extended ceremony of closing of the Board of Installed Masters. It is the emblem of uprightness. It is worth noting that in every known language, the words which mean upright have a corresponding moral significance. When he stands upright, a man’s body is pointing in a straight line to the centre, a position in which he cannot mentally err. The plumb also symbolises rain, and suits the description of Junior Warden as the ostensible steward in charge of sustenance of the brethren.

The Chaplain

His emblem is a book on a triangle surmounting a glory, or some say the ancient emblem of the sun. The triangle is equilateral, and has been generally held to symbolize the tripartite nature of man- i.e. body soul and spirit – to each of which the Volume of the Sacred Law makes appeal.

The Treasurer

The key is the emblem of the Treasurer and therefore serves to protect the property of the Lodge. But it has a deep and far reaching significance beyond the suggestion of security. There are many other things the Freemason locks up beside his cash, and the safe is not only the place of security known to a faithful Brother. There is a safe and sacred repository known to all of us. The key typifies tongue, which can lock or unlock that safe and sacred repository, the heart, in which we preserve our secrets.

The Secretary

The Crossed pens of the Secretary remind the brother of the faithful record he is expected to keep of the history of the Lodge. They further remind not only the Secretary but also every brother of the faithful record kept in the eternal archives of all our thoughts, words and actions. There are two pens, with one to record the history of the Lodge, and with the other to be the medium of communication between the Lodge and its members


The emblem of the deacon is that of a dove on the wing, and bearing an olive branch. The out-stretched wings of the dove suggest speed and haste and the lessons taught to the Deacons by the Installing Master are too familiar to need repetition. More than any officer in the Lodge the Deacon can be the peacemaker. It is part of his unwritten duty to search out absent members, and it is well to bear in mind that continued absence form Lodge is one of the first symptoms of the existence of friction.


The emblem of the Organist which is a stringed instrument bearing the outward semblance of a lyre, informs us that not only the should the Lodge proceedings be conducted in peace, but also, we pray to the Great Architect of the Universe that they may be closed in harmony.

Director of Ceremonies

A pair of crossed batons tied together by a ribbon is the emblem of the Director of Ceremonies. A ribbon seems to be a very flimsy means of ensuring security. The lesson taught here is that authority is not necessarily founded upon force. A baton is in itself a very frail implement with which to enforce a decree-but still it may be more potent than a sword. Authority is only effective when it commands willing assent, and so the Brother who wields it and looks for obedience must cultivate those qualities which will enable him to lead rather that to drive his subordinates.

Inner Guard

The jewel of the Inner Guard is two cross swords. The sword is an important emblem of office and is meant to warn every brother not to rush blindly into forbidden mystical territory lest the guardian of that area stands firm with a sword in his hands, thus making the brother accessory to his own spiritual death. The bearer of the sword does not attack with it. He remains firm and does his duty, to use language well known to all of us.


The Tyler is not only adorned with the sword, but is armed with the real thing, not sheathed but drawn and ready for use. The point of the sword is held down. It may be noted that the Tyler, in his place outside the door of the Lodge, should never relinquish his hold of the weapon any more than the Worshipful Master should lay aside his jewel of office.

Brethren this completes the explanation of the masonic symbols of the officers. But before I conclude I also would like to give small explanation on the masonic clothing.

Masonic clothing, according to ancient history comprised of aprons and gloves. Let us start by looking at the apron, the first gift of Freemasonry to the initiate. In bestowing it, the Senior Warden describes it as the badge if innocence and the bond of friendship and goes on to say that if the candidate never disgraces it, it will never disgrace him. A man may disgrace the badge, but under no circumstances can it disgrace its wearer. The apron is the most ancient article of clothing in the world. There hardly can be found any race without the covering for the middle of the body. The plain white apron is restricted to the Entered Apprentice. It is the badge of a Freemason, and whatever ornamentation and colour be super-imposed, let us not forget that underneath all this is that white lambskin. The rosettes possess Masonic significance reminding the Master Mason of the “point within a circle”.

The Collar is a comparatively a modern article of clothing. It is a badge of servitude. It symbolizes the true relationship which should exist between officers and brethren.

The gauntlets have no special moral teaching. They are the relic of the gloves worn by operative masons to protect his hands during work. In the Grand Lodge, only ruling officers wear gauntlets, thus symbolising that they are operative in the ceremonies. However, in District Grand Lodges and Private Lodges, rank holders are enjoined to wear gauntlets as per our Book of Constitutions.

Kernels and insights for the WM and future WM of any Lodge - Lecture by W Bro George Jayaprakash

What specific insights and suggestions can those who have occupied the position of Worshipful Master give you?

Here are some of the succinct points made by the contributors, in no particular order:

  1. Seek advice from the Past Masters and other learned Brothers--you'll know which ones to go to.
  2. Put your heart, soul, and toenails into your Lodge Trestle Board.
  3. Have a term plan, in addition to your mission statement, that includes Masonic education, Lodge visitations, and social events, and be sure your Line Officers, including the Secretary, have copies well in advance of your installation.
  4. Know your ritual work before being installed, and ask for help if you don't.
  5. Read, and re-read, your Lodge by-laws and the Book of Constitutions, your Grand Lodge Constitution, and Book of Regulations.
  6. Use common sense.
  7. Communicate with your officers and candidates.
  8. Be organized and efficient at meetings.
  9. Be prepared for emergencies--expect Brother V.W. Murphy (Murphy's Laws) to be a regular visitor to your Lodge.
  10. Be patient with the Past Masters who think they know it all.
  11. Find at least three Past Masters and ask them to help you put together a program that will make the Lodge much better by your term's end.
  12. Concentrate on what the Lodge needs, not just what interests you.
  13. Take your wife, if you have one, on a mini-honeymoon before your installation, and promise her another after your successor is installed.
  14.  Direct and lead with the gavel, but avoid dictating with it.
  15. Have a solid handle on your Lodge's financial condition.
  16. Try to get on the same page as your two next likely successors, your SW and JW.
  17. Listen to everyone, even the jerks.
  18. If it's important, it needs to be done. Now. Waiting for consensus is procrastination. You were elected to lead, so lead!
  19. Think marathon, not sprint.
  20. Try asking people to do specific, achievable things--"Would you write to these three Brothers (addresses attached) whom we haven't seen for several meetings?," not "Would you contact some of the guys who haven't been coming to Lodge?"
  21. Have fun with your year In the East!
  22. Use the phone, in addition to putting Lodge events in the TrestleBoard. Use a phone committee, with specific Lodge members for each committee member to call.
  23. Hold officer rehearsals at least monthly.
  24. Keep the business part of the meetings as short as possible.
  25. Analyze what programs have worked for Past Masters, and what programs didn't work.
  26. Be prepared to be in control of your Lodge during your year as Worshipful Master.
  27. Learn the ritual work
  28. Have your committee appointments lined up before you are installed.
  29. If you desire to make significant changes, do so in a way that avoids alienating the Brothers who have brought your Lodge as far as it has come.
  30. Try to respond to the desires of the majority, but do not sell yourself or your program down the river to do so.
  31. Seek input from others to define the needs of the Lodge, and formulate a program responding to those needs.
  32. The key to success is planning, planning, planning.
  33. Involve your Line Officers in your planning.
  34. Sponsor and plan for interesting Masonic education programs, with outside speakers if possible, as well as Past Masters and other Brothers interested in specific Masonic topics. Avoid non-Masonic topics; leave those to the service clubs.
  35. Have education programs for topics of interest, including non-Masonic topics such as heart disease. [The topic of non-Masonic education & information programs brought sharply divided input from the contributors. Some recommended them; some condemned them. You know your Lodge; use your judgment.]
  36. Keep in touch with all Brothers if possible, paying particular attention to shut-in or infirm Brothers, and to those who have been regular in attendance but who suddenly stop coming. This could be a sign of health problems of which you may not be aware.
  37. Utilize a transportation committee to provide transportation to those Brothers who may be unable to drive to meetings or events.
  38. Be practical in your planning for your year In the East.
  39. Hit the ground running! You can't afford to spend two or three months figuring out the position of Worshipful Master.
  40. Utilize a calling list for your officers, passing calls down the Officers' Line to the Tyler, and have the Tyler report back to you.
  41. Take a humble pill immediately after your installation, and remember that Masonry is a volunteer undertaking. Don't make it a drudge, and make it interesting for the Brothers.
  42. When conflict arises, be prepared to deal with it quickly, before it becomes a problem for the Lodge.
  43. Don't try to turn a failed program into a success. Admit the failure, learn from it, and move on to something else.
  44. Vow to love all of the Brothers--the good, the bad, and the ugly. This will get harder as your year goes on!
  45. Deal with all Brothers out of love, fairness, and honesty, and don't play politics with them.
  46. Let the Brothers know when you are pleased with them, and let them know (constructively) when you are displeased. Don't expect them to read your mind.
  47. Pay attention when a Brother wants to tell you something, even if you're occupied. It may be important to you; it's definitely important to him.
  48. Don't let anyone rush you into snap decisions. But, when a decision has to be made, make it. Get to know the Secretary. Be mindful of the Secretary's many responsibilities, and use him sparingly and efficiently. Every request you make of the Secretary causes him extra work. Any Master or Brother, in about fifteen seconds, can think of projects that will require several hours of the Secretary's time. He is busy enough!
  49. Any request by a Brother for something extra from the Secretary should come through you as Worshipful Master. The Secretary can make or break your year as Worshipful Master, not only by what he does, but by what he does not do, or does not inform you about.
  50. Be flexible in your planning. Changes are inevitable, and will need to be made.
  51. Include the Lodge Widows in your plans, with several-more than one-- events for them during the year.
  52. Spread the work around. Asking that marginally-active Brother to participate in a project may be just the thing that will cement his relationship to the Lodge, and will spark his interest to the point of becoming an active regular.
  53. Spend time getting to know the new candidates and Brothers. They are the future of your Lodge.
  54. Masonic Lodges are not ruled by the membership but by the Master. The members expect the Master to rule and lead, and the Lodge suffers when he does not.
  55. Try a community activity with some other organization, such as Knights of Columbus, Elks, etc.
  56. Remember the "back bones," who do all the work, and the "jaw bones," who gripe about the work that the back bones do.
  57. Remember the story about Anybody, Somebody, Everybody, and Nobody; and, remember that there are really only two: Somebody and Everybody.
  58. Plan your work, and then work your plan.
  59. Remember the concepts of courtesy, Masonic etiquette, and protocol, and know what they are for each situation that you know you will confront as Master.
  60. Be prepared for your meetings, with a definite program and agenda.
  61. Avoid trying to be "one of the boys" to curry favor with the Brothers or to get them to like you. It is more important that they respect you in the position of Worshipful Master, and you need to earn that respect by the example you set. If they respect you, be assured, they will like you.
  62. Be sure visitors are made to feel welcome.
  63. If you have a Festive Board, be sure it is done properly, with all required protocol and ceremony.
  64. Be mentally prepared for the position of Worshipful Master. Care for the Brethren. Care for the Lodge and its work. Care for your candidates, and be sure your Degree work is done properly and with the necessary decorum.
  65. Read your Lodge's minutes book, especially during periods of growth, to get a feel of what True Masonic Charity is all about. This will give you a feeling of appreciation for the efforts you are being allowed to follow--along with a sense of humility.
  66. Be sure each Brother receives recognition during the month of his Masonic Birthday. If a Brother cannot attend, ask him for a written greeting to the Lodge that can be read at the recognition portion of the program.
  67. Do not try to do everything yourself.
  68. Solicit ideas from others, including your Line Officers. Give them a feel for what you are going through in the decision-making process as Worshipful Master.
  69. Be sure to visit the Lodge's youth groups. You will receive special recognition as the Lodge's representative, and your interest and support by your presence will be appreciated.
  70. The most important part of the Worshipful Master's position is having a sense of vision, a sense of direction, and a sense of purpose. The Worshipful Master must know where he wants to take the Lodge, how he is going to accomplish that task, and who he can go to for help. Having a sense of vision, direction, and purpose will be appreciated, and will draw support from the Brothers, even if they do not necessarily agree with all the points of the Worshipful Master's program.
  71. Avoid taking on too many responsibilities in other Appendant bodies.
  72. Try to build continuity into your programs, to the extent possible, without leaving your successor lacking in flexibility.
  73. Have contingency plans for the unexpected collapses of events or programs.
  74. Don't try to do too much--concentrate on a few core items and goals.
  75. Your purpose as Master is to motivate, stimulate, and coordinate the Education and Leadership activities of your Lodge.
  76. To get help--Seek, Ask, and Knock.
  77. Invite the Brothers to "Dream Along with Me," in imagining a better course for the Lodge.
  78. Bring the bare words in your ritual and Degree work to life; this will reveal a wealth of deeper meaning for the Brethren, and for you.
  79. Try to find constructive things for the Past Masters to do, so that they will not wind up having finished their years as Master, and then vanishing from the Lodge.
  80. Remember that you are in charge of a management team, and that other members of the team will eventually lead the Lodge. Do what you can to help them develop their respective styles of leadership, and to encourage them to accept the responsibilities that go with the position of Worshipful Mast

From internet sources

Installation Ceremony of Lodge Anchor of Hope No.1093 EC, Wellington

25 Feb 2014

Come February and it is Installation time for us folks in our Lodge. Nestled in a valley with a small stream close by and quietness all around- it is perfect setting for a Lodge to be situated. Tall eucalyptus trees sways its lazy branches to the tune of the mild February breeze and the chirping of birds (if one cares to listen) gives the place its own uniqueness.

On the 22nd of February 2014, 25 Brethren of our Lodge assembled along with some visiting Brethren to install Bro. Vinodh K. Shenai as the 149th Worshipful Master in the august presence of R W Bro. Theo Devagnanam, RW The District Grand Master of Madras. He was accompanied by W. Bro. Sukesh Menon, PAGDoC and DGDoC.

Tea was served at 5.00 p.m. giving time for Brethren to assemble and then a group photograph was then taken at 5.30 p.m. On the dot, at 6.00 p.m. we commenced the Meeting. The Meeting went off with the usual precision which our Lodge is known for.

The Meeting having concluded, time for the usual fellowship and fellow‘sip’ was given after which the Brethren assembled for a sit-down dinner, as is the age-old custom in our Lodge. The Obligatory Toasts were gone through during the banquet with the usual Masonic discipline.

The Meeting having commenced on time and gone through with clockwork precision, the evening ended on a happy note with the Brethren departing from the premises at 11.00 p.m. biding adieu to the visiting Brethren and to one another.

W. Bro. (Dr) George Jayaprakash, PDSGW,

Lodge Information Office and Mentor

Installation Anchor of Hope
Installation Anchor of Hope
Installation Anchor of Hope
Installation Anchor of Hope
Installation Anchor of Hope
Installation Anchor of Hope

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