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R W Bro / E Comp K.R.N.Menon Past District Grand Master / Past Grand Superintendent, of the District Grand Lodge / Chapter of Madras Lodge Archibald Campbell No.4998 10.01.2023
W.Bro / E.Comp N.K.Mahesh PDG Swd Br / PDG I A Sojr Lodge Faith Hope & Charity No.1285 04.11.2022
W.Bro / E.Comp T G Gopinathan DG Chaplain / PDG Swd Br Lodge Pitt Macdonald No.1198 12.09.2022
W.Bro E.Balakrishna Pillai PDG Org Lodge Quilon No.5839 08.08.2022
W.Bro / E.Comp K.P.M.Unnikammu PDG Org Lodge Ampthill No.3682 04.08.2022
Bro / Comp. K.R. Govindarajan MM Lodge Cauvery No.3848 22.06.2022
W.Bro.Cdr.A.K.George PDSGW Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 10.06.2022
W.Bro / E.Comp. Sohni George PDSGW / PAGDC / PDG Scribe N Lodge Cochin No.4359 30.04.2022
W Bro L Ashok PDG Supdt of Works Lodge John Miller No.1906 17.01.2022
W.Bro / E.Comp . Col.K.S.Muthukrishnan PDJGD / PDGSwdBr Lodge Universal Charity No.273 17.11.2021
W.Bro.K.K.Sreedharan Nambiar PDGSwdBr Kerala Lodge No.2188 12.11.2021
Bro. Iype Mathew MM Lodge Quilon No.5839 28.10.2021
W.Bro.S.Ponnaiya PAGDC / PG Std Br Lodge Pitt Macdonald No.1198 12.10.2021
Bro.Suresh Colla MM Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 30.08.2021
W.Bro Raajeev Narain PDG Std Br Lodge St.George No.2532 18.03.2021
W.Bro / E.Comp.T.Santosh Kumar PAGDC WM of The St.John's Lodge No.434 / The St.John's Lodge No.434 28.06.2021
Bro.V.J.Philipose   Lodge Minchin No.2710 24.02.2021
W Bro Mainak Parekh PDAGDofC The Golconda Lodge No.3249 and The St.John's Lodge 06.05.2021
V W Bro / E Comp Achuthkumar Chandubai Patel, Past Grand Sword Bearer The Deputy District Grand Master / Deputy District Grand Superintendent Past Master of The Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No.150 and The Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 and Past First Principal of chapter Universal Charity No.273 22.05.2021
W.Bro / E.Comp.Lodd Satyanarayanadas PDSGW / P Dist II Grand Principal The John Miller Lodge No.1906 15.05.2021
W.Bro / E.Comp.A.T.Matthan PDG Pursuivant / PDG Pr.Sojr Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 and Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 23.04.2021
W.Bro.R.Sunder PDJGW Lodge of Faith Hope & Charity No.1285 20.04.2021
Bro.P.Thiyagarajah MM The Lodge of Rock No.260 08.03.2021
W.Bro / E Comp N.Chandrasekharan Pillai PDDyGDofC / PDG Org The Lodge Quilon No.5839 26.02.2021
W.Bro / E Comp P.P.Thomas PDJGW / PDG Sc N The Lodge Quilon No.5839 20.02.2021
W.Bro.David T Mookken PDJGW / PDG ScN The Lodge Cochin No.4359 19.12.2020
W.Bro.T.R.Ramarathinam PDJGW / PDG Reg The Lodge of Rock No.260 16.10.2020
W.Bro.I.Varkey PDJGW / PDG Scr N The Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 11.09.2020
W.Bro.P.S.Pratheep Kumar PDG Std Br Lodge Quilon No.5839 25.07.2020
W Bro / E Comp R Ramachandra PDG Swd Br / PDG II Asst Sojr Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 11.06.2020
W Bro / E Comp Ullathuthodiyil Rajkumar PDSGW / PDG ScN Past Master of The Kerala Lodge No.2188 and Past First Principal of Kerala Chapter No.2188 14.05.2020
W Bro / E Comp V R Bakthavatsalam PDG Std Br / PDDyGDofC The John Miller Miller Lodge No 1906 05.05.2020
W Bro / E Comp K P Surendran PDSGW / PD III Gr Pr., Past Master Kerala Lodge No.2188 23.03.2020
W.Bro.S.Vasudev PDG Swd Br / PDG Ch Steward The Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No.150 14.03.2020
Bro.C.Ayyappan Pillai MM Lodge Quilon No.5839 08.03.2020
W.Bro.T.A.Krishnamoorthy PDAGDofC Lodge Minchin No.2710 23.01.2020
Bro.C.R.Krishnan MM The John Miller Lodge No.1906 01.01.2020
W.Bro.G.Dilip Mohan DAG D of C / PDG I A Sojr The Lodge Quilon No.5839 26.11.2019
W.Bro.L.Anandan PDDyGDofC The Pitt Macdonald Lodge No.1198 12.11.2019
Bro.Dr.K.G.Rammohan MM Lodge Quilon No.5839 09.11.2019
Bro.R.Unnikrishnan MM Lodge Quilon No.5839 07.11.2019
W.Bro.S.L.Chitale PJGD / PG Std Br The Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 20.05.2019
W.Bro.K.Rajagopalan PDJGW /PDGScN The John Miller Lodge No.1906 18.04.2019
Bro.D.Babu Paul MM Lodge Minchin No.2710 13.04.2019
W.Bro.P.R.Narayanasamy PDJGW /PDGScN The Lodge Ampthill No.3682 14.02.2019
W.Bro.S.Rajkumar PDG Chap The Anchor of Hope Lodge No.1093 10.01.2019
W.Bro.S.Dhanrajan PAGDC, PDSGW / PAGDC, P D II GR Pr The Lodge of Faith Hope & Charity No.1285 01.12.2018
W.Bro. C. V. Sreeramkumar PDAGDofC The John Miller Lodge No.1906 16.11.2018
Bro. Y. S. Mathivanan MM The Lodge Ampthill No.3682 12.11.2018
W.Bro. J. J. D'Silva PGStd.Br / PDGC The St.John's Lodge No.434 31.10.2018
W.Bro. V. Deivasigamani PDGStd.Br Lodge Cauvery No.3848 07.09.2018
Bro. Dr. P. T. Pillai MM The Lodge Quilon No.5839 29.08.2018
W.Bro.C.N.Ramachandran PDGC Lodge John Miller No.1906 21.08.2018
Bro.C.Thomas MM Lodge Minchin No.2710 07.08.2018
W.Bro.K.Janardanan PDJGW Kerala Lodge No.2188 21.07.2018
W.Bro.S.M.Nadkarni PDJGW Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 06.07.2018
Bro.M.R.Dilip Kumar MM Lodge Quilon No.5839 04.06.2018
W.Bro.K.V.Shankar PDGStd.Br Lodge Cauvery No.3848 09.04.2018
W.Bro.S.K.Pillai PDJGW Lodge Minchin No.2710 02.04.2018
W.Bro.Km.Venkatachalam PSGD Lodge Pitt Macdonald No.1198 10.03.2018
W.Bro.V.R.Krishnan Nair PDJGW Lodge Minchin No.2710 25.02.2018
Bro. T.R.Natrajan MM Lodge of Rock No.260 15.02.2018
Bro. Madhavan Koliyot MM Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 30.01.2018
Bro.Prasad Mathew MM The Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 20.01.2018
W Bro V. J. Bharath President, District Board of General Purposes Past Master of Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No. 150 09.09.2017
W.Bro.V.Vijayan PDSGD / PDG II Asst Sojr The Pitt Macdonald Lodge No.1198 26.05.2017
W Bro K Badrinarayanan PDG Chap Past Master of The Anchor of Hope Lode No.1093 25.10.2016
W.Bro. Dr.Madavilakom Padmanabha Pillai MANOMOHAN PDJGW Past Master of Lodge Minchin No.2710 08.07.2016
W.Bro. Capt. Prabhakar Raghunath DATAR PDJGW Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 04.06.2016
Bro M Veerappan   Lodge of Rock No.260 25.04.2015
W.Bro. A.P.Mhetras PDJGW Lodge St. George No.2532 17.02.2015
W.Bro. P.S.Rou PDG Std Br John Miller Lodge No.1906 08.02.2015
Bro S.Venugopal MM Lodge Quilon No.5839 24.01.2015
W.Bro./E.Comp. Coimbatore Narasimhalu Vennel PDJGW / PDGScN, PM Lodge Ampthill No.3682 and Past First Principal of Chapter Ampthill No.3682 18.01.2015
W.Bro.T.N.Ramaswamy, PDSGD PM Lodge of Rock No.260 20.10.2014
W.Bro./E.Comp. Gopaladesikachari Rangachari PAGDC, PADGM / PG Std Br,
PD II Gr Principal
Lodge of Perfect Unanimity 19.09.2014
W.Bro./E.Comp. K.Gopinathan Nair PDSGW / PD III Grand Principal Lodge Quilon 15.09.2014
W.Bro./E.Comp. Kesava Pillai PAGDC, Past Asst DGM Lodge Quilon 20.08.2014
W.Bro./E.Comp. Krishna Pillai PAGDC, PDG Scr 'N' Lodge Quilon 20.07.2014
W.Bro./E.Comp.Dr.N.Vijayakrishnan Nair PDSGW / PDG Charity Steward Grand Lodge 04.08.2014
W.Bro./E.Comp. P.Elanchelian PDG Chaplain / D.G. Sword Bearer Grand Lodge 26.07.2014
Bro.M.Chandrasekharan MM Pitt Macdonald Lodge No 1198 30.06.2014
W.Bro.T.S.Gokilan PDJGD Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No 150 and PDG of Org Chapter School of Plato No 150 was called to the Grand Lodge 12.06.2014
Bro K Mohandas MM Kerala Lodge No 2188 24.02.2014
W.Bro.S.Unnikrishna Nair PDG Swd Br Lodge Minchin No.2710 10.11.2013
Bro.G.Govindarajulu MM Lodge Anchor of Hope No.1093 23.10.2013
W.Bro. Albert Edwrad MOULD PDJGW, PDG Sc N Past member Lodge of Universal Charity No273 29.09.2013
W.Bro.I.S.Sethna PDDyGDofC Golconda Lodge No.3249 15.08.2013
W.Bro./Comp.T.M.Gopal PDG Organist PM Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No.150 Member of Chapter School of Plato No.150 was called to the Grand Lodge 26.05.2013
W.Bro.Vivek Cholapurath   Lodge of Faith Hope & Charity No.1285 22.05.2013
W Bro K V Srinivasan PAGDC PM of The Lodge of Perfect Unanimity PG Std Br Past-Z of Ch School of Plato No 150 was called to the Grand Lodge 07.05.2013
W.Bro./E.Comp. V.V.Venkatasubramanian PDSGW 
Past Deputy Grand Superintendent
Lodge Universal Charity No.273 04.03.2013
W.Bro./E.Comp. T.S.Rajan PJGD/PAG Sojr Member Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 03.03.2013
W.Bro. P.K.Shivdas PDJGW, PM The Anchor of Hope Lodge No.1093 04.01.2013
W.Bro. Gopala Mudaliar Swaminathan PADGM  PM Lodge Cauvery No 3848 09.12.2012
W.Bro. S.Ramesh Kumar PDG Organist, PM John Miller Lodge No.1906 16.11.2012
W. Bro. A N Macleod PDG Swd Br Ptit Macdonald Lodge No.1198  
W.Bro.M.Shankar Narayan PDG Organist, PM, St. John's Lodge 02.09.2012
W.Bro. Dr. Ninan Kuruvilla PDG Dy Dof C Lodge Quilon No.5839 17.07.2012
Bro. S. Ponnudurai MM Lodge of Rock No.260 18.06.2012
W.Bro. A.S. Subbian PDG Org Lodge Ampthill No.3682 09.06.2012
W.Bro. K.Vellappan Pillai PDSGW Lodge Quilon No.5839 - Grand Lodge 02.05.2012
W.Bro. Dr. Shiraz Kareem Lodge UC No 273 EC & PM Lodge Madras SC 18.04.2012
W.Bro. P. Mukundan PSGD, Past Dy DGM Kerala Lodge No.2188 22.2.2012
W.Bro. C.T.O.A. Wright PDJGW Lodge Anchor of Hope No.1093 13.2.2012
W.Bro.K.Gopakumar PM Lodge Minchin No.2710 05.01.2012
W.Bro.Moosa Ahmed PDG Steward Lodge St. George No.2532  24.11.2011
W.Bro.Dr.P.T.Cherian IPM Lodge Quilon No.5839 22.11.2011
W.Bro.T.Jacob PDG Std Br Lodge Minchin No.2710 06.11.2011
W.Bro.V.R.Seshu PDG Swd Br Lodge Southern Brotherhood No.3311 25.09.2011
W.Bro.Kirit P.Asher PDG Reg Kerala Lodge No.2188 23.09.2011
W.Bro.K.V.Shetty PDDyGDofC Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 18.08.2011
W.Bro.Bhaskar Ullal PDG Swd Br Archibald Campbell Lodge No.4998 23.05.2011

V. J. Bharath (1942 - 2017)

W.Bro.V.J.Bharath, the current President of the District Board of General Purpose of the District Grand Lodge of Madras was called to the Grand Lodge above on the morning of 9th September,2017.

He was initiated into Freemasonry in the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No.150 on 5th March,1973 and in due Course joined the Royal Arch. He was the Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1980. His dedicated service to Masonry saw him rise to the rank of Past Senior Grand Deacon. He has served the District with distinction. One of his major contributions to the Masonic Charities was his involvement in designing, planning, supervising and the execution of the Cornwallis Masonic Home in Bangalore.

He was also a member of Lodge Carnatic No.39 under the Grand Lodge of India which he rejoined in 2003 after amity was restored. Recently he was presented with 40 years long term service jewel and was elevated to the rank of Past Grand Warden which entitles him to have the prefix of R.W.Brother.

He firmly believed that the Conduct of a Mason with other Masons should be on the Square and on the Level. Being the Mentor of both Perfect Unanimity and Archibald Campbell Lodges he emphasized on these qualities by setting example of practicing these virtues.

This jovial and loving brother, compassionate Mason and a great human being will be greatly missed.

V J Bharath

K V Srinivasan (1937 - 2013)

KUMBAKONAM VENKITARAMAN SRINIVASAN (Past Asst. Grand Director of Ceremony) KVS, was called to the Grand Lodge above on theKVS morning of the 7th May 2013, after a brief illness and a surgery.

He rejoined the Craft in the early eighties after a short hiatus, and became a member of the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity and occupied its Eastern Chair in 1982.

KVS's services to the District need to be recorded and remembered, as I as the former District Grand Master with whom he served the jurisdiction, have cause to know appreciate and acknowldedge. He was appointed District Grand Secretary in 2001 as soon as I was invested as the Ruler of the District, which office he held till 2005 whereafter he was asked to take office as District Grand Treasurer 2007 – 2010. From 2001 – 2013 (Feb.) KVS was the Chairman of the Premises Committee of the Madras Freemasons Hall Trust in which capacity he carried out his duties manfully and impartially at a time of some stress between the constituents of that committee and received the appreciation of all concerned regardless of affiliation.

During this period, KVS was responsible for putting the District administration on an even keel and ensuring particularly, being an experienced professional accountant, that the accounts and finances of the jurisdiction were above reproach.

K V Srinivasan

If the Cornwallis Home today stands as a successful charitable investment of the District, much credit must be given to KVS's intervention and influence, in obtaining the necessary external funding as a Bank loan, to complete this project.

KVS was admittedly a dominating figure, but he was quite prepared to work under a superior also with a strong will, in a common cause – that of Freemasonry and the District administration. KVS was known to have strong views, and to disagree even with his D.G.M. but he was never disagreeable – and once converted by superior reasoning he fell in with full commitment to the task/s involved.

Despite suffering some physical handicaps, he was second to none in his commitment to the tasks at hand, whether in his profession, or in his Masonic activities which disabilities would have more seriously incapacitated a lesser man. KVS was a restless soul in life, may his soul now find eternal peace, with the Gods he loved so well. To his wife and family, his Brethren across the District offer their most heart-felt and sincere condolences.

W.Bro/E.Comp. Abbas Abdul Tayeb

Date of Birth:   25-08-1925
Initiated: Lodge Quilon No.5839 EC 12-07-1952
Raised: Lodge Quilon No.5839 EC 13-09-1952
Passed: Lodge Quilon No.5839 EC 11-10-1952
Wor.Master: Lodge Quilon No.5839 EC 1963
DGL Ranks
Past Dist Grand Chaplain 1985
Past Dist Junior Grand Warden 1993
Exalted: Chapter Quilon No.5839 09-05-1953
First Principal: Chapter Quilon No.5839 1966 -1967
Dist Grand Chapter Rank
Past Dist Grand Scribe'N' 1985
Grand Lodge Above On 09-10-2002  

W.Bro/E.Comp. Major George Gnandickam

While recounting George's distinguished Masonic Career (details given below), we cannot but remember the man, a life-long admirer of the discipline of the armed forces, from his days in the University Officers Training Corps of the Madras University where he was a much-admired and feared one might even say, Under-Officer, who taught University Students to march, if not in step, at least in line. He was a Major as we recall in the Territorial Army, and took his duties very seriously, as he did with his Masonic responsibilities as a commanding District Grand Director of Ceremonies, with a stentorian voice. He was later President of the Board of General Purposes, and District Grand Secretary. He was a man given to strong emotions which sometimes got the better of him, but his essential sense of discipline and Christian values brought him back to line and rule.

He retired 'down-under' to be with not only his beloved wife, Mangalam of many moons (a College romance at Tambaram, we hear) and his sons and their families, but as a man and a Mason he would never go under, except when the GAOTU called him to His Grand Lodge. May his soul rest in peace from that bourne from which no traveler returns!

Date of Birth:   29-09-1919
Initiated Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 EC 21-08-1959
Raised Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 EC 16-10-1959
Passed Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 EC 20-11-1959
Joined Pitt Macdonald Lodge No.1198 EC 27-09-1977
Wor.Master: Lodge of Universal Charity No.273 EC 1966-1967
Wor.Master: Pitt Macdonald Lodge No.1198 EC 1982-1983
DGL Ranks
Dist Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies 1971
Dist Grand Director of Ceremonies 1972-1981
Past Dist Junior Grand Warden 1975
President, Dist Board of General Purposes 1987-1988
Dist Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies 1989-1993
Exalted Chapter St.John No.273 EC 22-12-1961
Joined Chapter Universal Charity No.273 EC 22-01-1966
Joined Pitt Macdonald Chapter No 1198 EC 08-12-1976
First Principal Chapter Universal Charity No.273 EC 1971-1972
First Principal Pitt Macdonald Chapter No 1198 EC 1978-1979
Dist Grand Chapter Rank
Dist Grand Director of Ceremonies 1973-1981
Past Dist Grand Scribe'N' 1975
President, Dist Committee of General Purposes 1987-1988
Dist Grand Scribe'E' 1989-1993
Supreme Grand Chapter
Past Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies 1986
Supreme Grand Chapter
Grand Lodge Above On 06-10-2002