RW The District Grand Master

RW Bro Theophilus Arputharaj Devagnanam

RW Bro T A Devagnanam hails from a distinguished masonic heritage. His family has been in Freemasonry for the past 100 years. His grandfather late W Bro Samuel Devagnanam was initiated in Lodge of Rock No. 260 EC on 1st July 1922. Thereafter, his father late W Bro T A Devagnanam, himself and his son T A Devagnanam III were all members of Lodge Faith Hope and Charity No. 1285 EC.

He was initiated in 1977 and occupied the Eastern Chair in1985 for the first time and thereafter in 1987, 2004 & 05. His first appointment to the District was Dist Sr Gr Deacon in 1989 followed by Past Dist Gr Swd Br in 1993, Dist Jr Gr Warden in 1996. He was the President of the DG Charity between 2001 & 04 and President, District Board of General Purposes between 2005 & 2007. He was appointed as the Deputy DGM in 2009 and took over the mantle of the District as the RW the District Grand Master in August 2011. Similarly, after occupying various positions in the District Grand Chapter, he became the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in August 2011.

Born in 1955, he had his school education in one of the illustrious institutions in India, The Lawrence School at Ooty and went on to do his Engineering in PSG College of Engineering, Coimbatore. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Plant Engineers. After serving many roles in The Needle Industries Pvt Ltd, Ketti, he is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company which is the largest employer in the Nilgiris, India.