Kerala Lodge
No.2188 (Calicut)

Date of Warrant: December 12, 1886

One of the four surviving lodges that were formed in the 19th Century in God’s own country, “Kerala Lodge”, named after the ancient name of Malabar, received it’s warrant on 12th of December 1886. The first of the preliminary meetings held with the view of forming the “Kerala Lodge” was recorded on 2nd April 1886, at the meeting of Lodge Coromandel 1810, presided by W Bro Capt. F M Gillham. The Lodge was originally formed by British Planters in the Wayanad District, which isn’t a surprise given Calicut was a key port for the export of Coffee from the District. The banner of the Lodge was adopted in 1887, which consists of a device of a Portugese Ship with the motto “The Returning Light From The West”.