Lodge of Rock
No. 260

Date of Original Warrant: December 27, 1816. Date of present Warrant: 1863

Tiruchirapalli/Trichy, erstwhile known as Trichinopoly, is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the country, dating back to the second millenium BC. It finds place in Freemasonry’s history in the Coromandel Coast, for being home to good old Lodge of Rock No. 260 EC, the second oldest surviving freemason lodge in the district.⠀

In 1816, a petition was sent to the Provincial Grand Lodge, Madras, with the result the old Warrant Number III of “Perfect Harmony” which had ceased to work at Srirengapattinam was granted to the Tiruchinopoly brethren. However, the members named the new Lodge as the Rock Lodge and Worshipful Brother Charles Higginson was the first Master. It’s number, 260, on the registry of United Grand Lodge of England, originally belonged to Lodge of Social Friendship, Madras, and given to Lodge of Rock in 1820.⠀

Apart from having illustrious members, it is especially known for its service to the local community. Their Masonic Charity Clinic, offers affordable medical care to all, just completed 25 years since inception..