The Lodge of Universal Charity
No.273 (Chennai)

Date of Original Warrant: 1811. Date of present Warrant: January 25,1847

One of the oldest lodges in Madras, Lodge of Universal Charity traces its history back to the Carnatic Wars. Formed in 1811 (present warrant: 1847), it was born out of an idea by a group of brethren of Lodge Carnatic II, who wished to quit and start a new lodge. Hence was born Lodge of Universal Charity, under its first Master, W Bro. John Burden.⠀

Of all it’s ancient history, facts & artifacts, the most awe-worthy, is their ancient punch bowl! The Lodge has in its possession a beautiful Punch Bowl which is more than 200 years old. It was received as a gift in 1813 from the Carnatic Lodge No II, their parent Lodge.⠀

The lodge brethren display it annually at their installation meetings, to remind them about the antiquity of the Lodge and also makes them feel proud that the Lodge has in its possession an unique piece of antique associated with Masonry..