Cauvery Lodge
No.3848 (Thanjavur)

Date of Warrant: March 15, 1918

After 10 years since the dissolution of the Lodge Prudentia at Nagapattinam, few earnest brethren including W Bro Allan F Gardiner, W Bro Rao Bahadur Appasamy Vandaiyar & W Bro J R Huggins out of a common desire founded the Lodge on the 27th of July 1918, named after the River Cauvery, which feeds & enriches the extensive agricultural district of Thanjavur. W Bro Huggins was installed as the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge. Fun Fact: In 1934, a memorial stone of fine dressed granite with the inscription of square and compasses enclosing the letter “C” signifying Cauvery Lodge was laid in the Mettur dam. It is a symbol not only of the connection between operative and speculative Masonry, but also a link between Mettur dam, the holy river Cauvery and Cauvery Lodge.

In 2022, Cauvery Lodge became a member of the River Lodges Association, UK, which Links regular Lodges World Wide named after or connected to rivers; to promote the ideals of Freemasonry & inter visiting